Friday, June 15, 2012

{ weaknesses }

[ describe 5 weaknesses you have. ]

nutella. i could seriously eat an entire jar of it in one day. and that's why we don't keep any in our house.

too often, i give people the benefit of the doubt. i don't like to assume or be judgemental. i've been burned one too many times because i thought more highly of someone that what they really were.

at times, i can be too hard on myself. i'm always expecting more of myself and pushing myself, sometimes over the limit. when in actuality, if i step back and look at the big picture i'm doing just fine and have come so far from where i was before.

my obsession of smelling good. i'm forever buying scented candles, new perfumes, bath and body works lotion, frebreze house sprays, body sprays, etc. and i always buy shampoo/conditioner, chapstck, makeup, and hair products based on the smell of it. of course, smelling good is not a weakness, but being impulsed to buy everything that does is

i'm not good at remembering names. i can meet someone for the first time, and then immediatly after have no recolection of what they said their name was. this is also my husband's weakness so you can imagine the problem we have when meeting new people together. i'll turn to my husband and ask "what was their name again?" ...and he'll say "i dunno. i thought you knew. i forgot." ..."well, dang! one of us has to remember. now we're both lost!" but hey, at least i never forget a face.

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