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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

{ fitness photoaday: Day 26 }

don't really do much with a preworkout meal...but I started juicing this week. lol found this blog and thought I'd try it out. I'm hoping I can at least make it til next Monday. let's see how long I last. lol

Sunday, March 25, 2012

{ weekend rejuvenate }

last week felt like it dragged on f o r e ve r. by Friday I was drained and in desperate need for some 'me-time'. you want to know how desperate?

this desperate.
...I ate my dinner in our walk in closet just so I could get some peace and quiet from the two crazies I live with! being alone in the bathroom isn't even a priviledge I can seem to enjoy these days.

after my private dinner I told my husband I needed to get out for an hour to collect myself. (the poor dog already felt the wrath of my swift kick to his behind!) having no idea where I was going to go I ended up stopping at the Good Will. didn't expect to find much but ended up buying 2 shirts, a mint colored skirt, brand new skinny jeans, and a 'treasure box' (that became my next new project. and I'll post more about it later) all for $20!!! catching that deal flipped my night around!

Here's the two outfits I got.
I LOVE shopping at Good Will! ...not because I have to but I think it's just the [ thrill ] of finding something that's one of a kind and a great deal that get's me going back there every week now! Most of the stuff I get from there is brand new (or barely used) and from Target too.

Saturday morning I woke up early before my boys and took the dog for a run on these new trails I just found right in our own backyard. who knew, right?
I can't believe I never found these before! These trails go for m i l e s. good thing I'm direction-oriented or else I would have been lost 'til next week! I had no idea what to expect and ended up running almost 2 miles straight up hill. that sheezy better make me skinny! hills are a lot easier on horseback. anyways, it was still beautiful, refreshing, and adventeruous -just what I needed!

dropped my muddy Moko off at the groomers after where he got a fresh bath and a lineup. no more stinky dog in the house and he's so soft!

spent the rest my weekend relaxing with my boys and watching movies.
wachu know 'bout this movie?! lol for some reason I've been dying to watch this for the longest minute now so I ordered it off Amazon and it got here Saturday. perfect timing.

it was nice having my boo off for two days and to actually be able to make it to church with us.

I am blessed and have so much to be grateful for.
now ready to conquer another week ahead.

{ fitness photoaday: Day 25 }

fit but not fake.
no fake chi chis, tan, lips, ect.
strong, healthy, lean.
beach body ready.

{ fitness photoaday: Day 21-24 }

THE most comfortable shoes ever.

perfect equation.

my oh-so-sweet WILD CHILD.

cool down after an amazing workout that kicked my butt!
want to feel amazing too?...try this one out,

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

{ to me, it all makes perfect sense }

painted this the other day to hang on our bedroom wall. it's the lyrics to "God Blessed the Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts. i would have used the lyrics from our first dance at our wedding (Dontchange by Musiq Soulchild) but honestly, our reception is a blur to me and doesn't bring back the best memories.

this song suits us better anyways.

i believe everyone has a little or some kind of brokenness (from their childhood and/or past) and you know you've found the 'right one' when that brokenness finally starts to heal. being with that 'right person' is healing. or maybe it's not a brokenness but a void that they help you fill or a weakness of yours that they compensate for. of course, compensate for you in a good way which eventually helps turn your weakness into a strength. 

looking back i see the subsequent of events (or signs) that led me to him. and despite things that happened in my life, good or bad, i was still led to that 'right person'. now looking at the big picture through spiritual eyes, i see why i needed him and why he needed me.

or maybe i'm just talking nonesense and making no sense at all.
but to me -it all makes perfect sense.

{ fitness photoaday: Day 20 }


Monday, March 19, 2012

{ fitness photoaday: Day 19 }

My GYMBOSS (interval timer).
I use this for my interval training.
Love it.

{ fitness photoaday: Day 18 }

Check out these new bad girls!

Last week I finally lost the stubborn 10! I jumped on the scale to show my husband that I WON! When I jumped on the first time to show him I made it I just barely made the 10 lbs loss...than he had me step on in a second time just seconds after and the scale said I was .4 lbs heavier (meaning I only lost (9.5 lbs) wth? Either the scale is broken....or our bathroom floor is uneven. I still say I won. He says I didn't. Our compromise-he still bought me my shoes but the haircut is still standing. I guess I'm just going to have to work a little harder because that "thing" needs to go....because the "ugly stage" is just getting uglier!

{ fitness photoaday: Day 17 }

This is where I spent all my summers. I'll forever be a Cali-beach-girl.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

{ fitness photoaday: Day 16 }

I took a day off from working out while the hubby took a day off work. We spend the day doing nothing but....nothing!  And it was lovely. We all deserved a break! I love having my working man home and seeing him and my son wrestling together. HOMEMADE memories beats money any day! And now that I'm thinking bout it -I guess my son is "homemade" too...but that's another! haha

Thursday, March 15, 2012

{ fitness photoaday: Day 15 }

"my" happy fridge (but not my husbands lol).
Looks healthy, right? the pantry/freezer is another story! That's where all the goodies are...nutella, chips, cookies, ice-cream, etc.

{ photoaday: Day 14 }

STACK of stairs.
3 words: "Burn baby burn!!!"

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{ photoaday: Day 13 }

Self explanatory.
lift weights=lose weight

{ fitness photoaday: Day 12 }

(Sorry this one is late)

FRESH START to a brand new day=early morning run/workout. I'm a morning person so I like to get things done first thing so I don't have to worry about it later.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

{ fitness photoaday: Day 1-6 }

Day 1: Progress Shot

On the left: A month after I had my son. I was fat and happy! I'm kind of embarrassed putting this pic up because I had gained so much during my pregnancy...but then again I've come so I choose to be [ proud of myself ] instead.
On the right: After changing my diet, a round of Insanity and P90x I lost 60 lbs! It wasn't easy but definitely worth the blood, sweat, and tears! (Note to self: Next pregnancy I'm mos def NOT going to eat for [3]. I don't want to have to push out another almost-10-pounder!) So 60 down and I'm shooting to shed 12 more. But no more than that. I still want some meat on my bones!

Day 2: Gym
My gym=my living room.
I haven't had a gym membership since before I had my son. And now I prefer to workout at home 'cause you save time and money! Lately I've been sticking with these BodyRock workouts everyday (which I LOVE because there's a new one everyday and they're short but intense!) and going for a run with the dog. So NO EXCUSES! Gym or no can still get your sweat on!

Day 3: Breakfast
Veggie omelet with avacdo. Or I do a big bowl of oatmeal with some fruit. Breakfast has always been my favorite meal which I never miss. But on the very rare occasions I do -watch out 'cause I'll turn into Dr. Jekyll for the rest of the day! haha joke!

Day 4: Biceps
Obviouuusssllly these aren't my biceps. But having something like this is my goal: lean and toned but not too buff! ;)

Day 5: Protein
I'm the biggest peanut butter/nutella fan...ever! I found this recipe on pinterest for these protein peanut butter cookies. I tried making them last night. Honestly, they don't taste like the real thing (since they are missing all the sugar and butter) but they're still good enough to eat to help you stay on track with your diet and not feel guilty. When I get my cravings for something sweet and creamy -these are my new go-to treat.

Peanut Butter Protein Cookies
  • 1 Egg (or Egg Beater)
  • 1/2 cup Sugar Substitute (I use Splenda)
  • 1 t Vanilla Extract
  • 1 cup Natural Peanut Butter
  • 1/2 cup Vanilla Protein Powder
Whisk together the egg, sugar substitute, and vanilla. Stir in the peanut butter and gradually mix in the protein powder. Drop by the teaspoon onto a prepared baking sheet, flatten dough with a wet fork to prevent sticking, and bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes. Makes 1 dozen delicious cookies. Serve with coffee.
These cookies freeze well so pack them in two’s and pop them in the freezer for a to-go treat.

Day 6: 7 pm
After 7 pm - NO EATING! (or at least I try not to) And to help me I always keep my favorite cup near filled with h20, propel, or anything else with no sugar. For some reason I drink more if it's from a straw so I found this perfect cup at Target so I don't have to save my cups from fast food joints anymore. Ha!...I know I'm so cheap!

{ fitness photoaday: Day 11 }

Did you get your daily dose today? haha (jokes)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

{ fitness photoaday: Day 10 }

Post Workout Meal:
There's nothing too fascinating about this one...just a scoop of whey protein and a banana right after a good workout to help rebuild muscle. The more muscle you have, the more fat you'll burn. So this is definitely one of the essentials....and no, taking this will not turn you into Arnold!

Friday, March 9, 2012

{ fitness photoaday: Day 9 }

After avoiding all my domestic duties the past two days...ok, more like the entire week -it's a chill@home kinda Friday of cleaning and movies.

And then hopefully a date night with my boo thang at Dave and Busters tonight. ;)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

{ one-on-one }

Tonight Baby and I snuck out to Disneyland for a couple hours so Daddy could catch up on his z's. Getting passes has mos def been the best investment I've made so far this year 'cause this kid loves it! I get 'cabin fever' way to quick so we're always getting out of the house...or else mommy starts to go a 'lil crazy! (just ask my husband) Oh ya, Baby finally met Buzz tonight! [ BIG DEAL! ] Well, we caught him walking back to his "spaceship" so baby just got a quick hi-5. Lame. I'll just have to capture the moment next time we run into him.

I'm loving this [ one-on-one ] time with my sidekick! We're soaking it all up while we can!

{ fitness photoaday: Day 8 }


NEVER go a workout without my music. Music motivates me.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{ fitness #photoaday }

Remeber this post?

Well, I didn't forget about it. Our bet (between my boo and I) is still on. Since then the goat-t has been replaced by the skunk tail! (PLEASE -dont ask! If you know him then you know what I'm talking about There's no words to even explain it so I'll leave it at that. haha)

Since having my son I lost all my baby weight...and some! [ OH YEAAAH! ] but now I'm at that point where my weight loss has plateaued and I'm dropping lbs. suuuuuuper sloooooww. So cheers to this months fitness photo-of-the-day to help keep me in check and motivated. Luckily I'm only 2-3 lbs away before...I win! I can already hear the clippers now.... zzzziiiiiip....zziiiiiiiip!!!!!

Day 7: GREEN
my favorite smoothie:
-1 scoop vanilla whey protein
-1 c unsweetened soy milk unsweetened (or milk of your choice)
-1 TB. natural peanut butter
-1 frozen banana (or 1 c frozen blueberries...I like blueberries better)
-2 to 3 huge handfuls of spinach
-ice cubes

I know this sheezy looks nasty...but it tastes like a milkshake! And it's so anti-healthy son/husband will even drink it! When I don't have time to make something this is my go-to meal replacement.

**stay tuned-tomorrow I'll play catch up with the days I missed. Now it's off to Disneyland we go! ;)