Saturday, June 2, 2012

{ fears }

[Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.]

-i hate going to the doctors office or inside hospitals. just the smell of them inside makes me sick. not really sure why it's a fear. probably just because it's a place where they pick and probe you, run test, make you feel uncomfortable, there's sick people everywhere, and people die there.

-i hate needles, especially getting my blood drawn. when i was younger i went to the doctors and the nurse kept on missing the vein in my arm when she was trying to draw my blood. everytime she missed the vein she kept on wiggling the needle around in my arm trying to find it and causing excrusiating pain! she did the same thing to both arms and by the time she finally found a vein both insides of my forearms where bruised blue and purple. this probably is one of my reasons why i hate the doctors and hospitals.

-waking up 25 years from now and being in the same place. not necessarily physically, but not being where i planned to be, having none of my major goals accomplished, and not getting at least a couple things checked off my bucketlist. i want to make sure i do everything i can today to ensure that i don't wake up one morning feeling like i didn't do my best and do all the i could have to reach my full potential....because who wants to feel like they failed in life?

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