Friday, June 22, 2012

{ my baby boy as of lately }

[a couple cute things i want to remember about my son at this age, 2 1/2.]

i couldn't get this guy off the stage...

...always has too be the center of attention, just like his daddy!
 everytime he hears music play he says "DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! DANCE!" while he busts a move.

it seemed like over night safi boy started talking and saying everything. now that he can talk in small sentences, here's a few of the funny things that come out of his mouth...

"uh oh, mommy maaaaaad!"
whenever he does something he knows he shouldn't he says "moko (the dog) did it!"
or if he doesn't get something he wants... "mommy mean!"
but he always melts my heart when he says "i do, mommy!" (i love you, mommy)

last week i took him to play at an indoor playground. while i was talking with some mommies i heard some kids crying so i turned around to see what was going on.... and i saw my son standing behind this girl (who was a couple years older than him) and had her in a choke hole!
 hooooooooollly crap!
i jumped up so fast and ran over to him and told him to let go. earlier that same day he had another kid pinned up against the wall with only using one of arms across his chest! i have no idea where he's even getting these moves from.  it must be his tongan instincts. i need to put this kid in MMA asap because taking this type of energy out on the kids at the playground is going to make a lot of mommy-enemies for me! ha!

since our disneyland passes are blocked out for most of the summer, we've been having major disneyland withdrawls. so this week we checked out this small waterpark not too far from us.....and we LOVED IT! we're about to get passes for here so we can come everyday because i could lay out in the water and sun all day everyday! plus, this kid needs to learn how to swim. that and potty training him are my two number one goals this summer.

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  1. That is hilarious he had the little girl in a choke hold! Hahaha! Must be the Tongan, I mean Moari blood! Hehe! He's such a cutie!