Tuesday, November 29, 2011

{ Body Rock }

I've been craaazy busy lately with school and all the other daily responsibilities of a wifey and mama. (Only a couple more weeks of school left -then I can kick my feet up and catch my breath!...until next semester starts.) So the end of most days I'm zombied-out and have no energy whatsoever but to be a couch-potato with my son and watch movies while drinking my diet coke and munching on some kettle popcorn.

But with my crazy schedule I needed to find some motivation to stay consistent with my workouts. The other day I came across this website and fell in love with it! It's basically has at-home workouts that are only anywhere from 4-20 minute workouts...doable right?! A 4-minute workout sounds better than a 1-hour one....and what excuse can you use against knocking out a 4 minute workout?...Nothing! So I tried this 12-minute workout the other day thinking it would be easy...WRONG! After 12 minutes I was dripping sweat and my legs were shaking. To loose my last 5 lbs for our competition I'm going to be sticking to...

...Body Rock workouts

..."Couch to 5K" app on my iphone

...and "MyFitnessPal" app

I can't wait to see the goat-T gone and get me some new shoes. :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

{ Island getaway...on a weekday }

Last week my sis, Lia, and I took a girls-day-out with our babies to Catalina Island. I'm sure non-Californians assume people who live here 'are so lucky and do everything and go everywhere that California has to offer because we live here'...but we don't. I've lived in California my entire life (by the beach) and had never actually stepped foot on the island. The closest I came was going snorkeling right off the coast. So my curiosity was finally satisfied. The island was beautiful, the water was crystal-clear, everyone drives golf carts, and it's the perfect getaway without even going that far.

After my son got sea sick and blew chunks all over me...I took him up to the top deck for some fresh air. Let's just say I was glad he didn't eat any breakfast that morning.

My beautiful sis and I arriving in Catalina....and having no clue what we were going to do next. Next time I go I'm definitely renting a golf cart to explore a little further than where my legs took me.

This was the first thing you see getting off the boat -crystal clear water and huge, bright orange fish!

These guys kept my little man occupied the entire day.

Quick pic on our walk around the harbor.

Look at this buff guy!

Feeding the fish....and my son just learned how to make the "f" sound so the entire day he was saying "feeshy..feeshy!" It was cute.

On our way home. It was an adventurous (and quite liberating) day going out to sea and exploring somewhere we've never been. My son And I got the best seat on the boat -Top deck, on a cushioned bench, in the back by ourselves. He fell asleep in my arms giving me time to think to myself and enjoy the ocean breeze. A few thoughts I had:

-I'm thinking (more seriously now) about getting scuba certified. Once I have a little more time on my hands that just might be my next hobby.
-once it gets warmer I'm going to try paddle boarding
-taking this trip to Catalina reminded me how much I LOVE TO TRAVEL. Just because I have "big girl" responsibilities now doesn't mean I can't take take mini-getaways like this every once in a while.
-grateful for the beautiful place I live -there's so much to do and so many opportunities
-I am blessed.

Monday, November 14, 2011

{ weekend marathon }

My husband surprised me with two days off from work. Well, technically it's not even 'two days off' -most people call it a 'weekend'. I can't even remember the last time he had an entire weekend off...?? It's been so long we didn't even know what to do with we did a b s o l u t e l y nothing but have a marathon of...

The Vampire Diaries!
(psshhh...Don't judge!)

...not that I'm really even that into the whole Vampire phenomena that seems to have errupted lately but I found this on Netflix -it had good ratings so I started watching it just to see if it was interesting -then I had to keep watching the next episode to see what happened next -then my husband (yes, my husband) watched one episode with me and then he had to see what happened before we knew it we were both yelling at the tv "No! You stupid girl -don't kiss him!" or "He's such an E-D-iot!...Why'd he listen to him?!" and stuffing our faces with kettle popcorn up until we finished the last season. It was intense. (By the way -we're Team Damon allll the way!)

Really though, I was just glad to be together, kick up our feet, and stay up as late as we wanted with out having any responsibilities the next day. Next weekend [if there is one] will be far more productive...and actually make it out of the house.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

{ These boots are made for...Riding! }

The only pair of shoes I love more than my GUESS stilettos are these... cowgirl boots!

Lately, with all my school work, our crazy schedules, and being a full-time wifey and momma I've become so burnt out! So today I skipped class and went horseback riding instead. Just what I needed. Anyone who really knows me knows how much I LOVE horses. Good thing I married someone who loves horses just as much as, not really. Just to clear the air -YES, my husband is Tongan so YES, my husband LOVES (to eat) hoosi. YES, I am part Tongan so YES, I have tried hoosi too. Honestly, it's good -but I just can't get past the fact of what I'm eating so no thank you!

Anyways, so back to what I was saying....As far back as I can remember I've been riding horses. My grandparents, who live in Utah, own  and bred horses so every time I'd go visit them I'd ride -either in their arena or up the canyon. I can remember waking up at the crack of dawn every morning (even if it was the middle of winter and below 0 degrees-Antarctica-weather) just so I could help my grandpa feed and water the horses. I have pictures of me when I was two or three years old with my frizzy blond hair blowing in the wind while riding a pony by myself with one hand holding the reins and the other holding my whip. I was so small my feet couldn't even reach the stirrups so I would squeeze me legs as tight as I could around the belly just to stay on. My grandpa said I had no fear. Before climbing on the pony I'd tell him "Gimme mah whip so I can whip him!" Later on I graduated from ponies to riding the 'big horsies' to the top of mountains. Being in Utah with my grandparents is where my passion for horses began and grew...

When I was younger I grew up with the mindset that there were only horses in Utah (because that's the only place I saw or rode them), then once I got older my mindset changed to "It's too expensive to own a horse in California" or "I don't have time to go riding" or "I don't know where I'll ride" I kind of just put my passion on the back-burner, especially after I got married and had a kid. On the occasional times I went back to Utah, I'd usually catch a ride with my grandpa....but riding only a couple times a year wasn't enough.

A couple months ago I finally threw away that mindset and those excuses  -and I started riding again....aaaand I'm hooked. I started going every Friday. Those couple of hours every Friday turned into {me-time} and through out the week when things would get hectic or I'd become overly exhausted I would remind myself of the couple of hours I get to myself on Friday and my excitement and anticipation would get me through the week. This {me-time} turned into something that I didn't know I needed so much! When I go and ride I just forget about my endless list of things I need to get done, the taxes we owe (lol), and whatever else was bothering me before I got there.

I realized I had, in a way, lost my sense of self and of the person I once was before I became a Mrs. and mommy. And I mean that in the 'best intentions' kinda way. Anyone who is a wife and mother knows how much you are NEEDED on a constant basis and how everyone walks around with their heads chopped off if you're not around. (at least mine do) But I just discovered this secret...

The secret to happy wives and mothers are those who know where "we" ends and "me" begins.

Some may think that's selfish...well, it's not! How can you take care of others if you don't take care of yourself first? My husband LOVES when I go riding every week because I come home feeling refreshed, happy, and most importantly -in a good mood! It's just like the saying "Happy wife, happy life" or "If momma ain't happy, ain't no one happy". Taking some {me-time} and doing something I'm passionate about keeps me fueled emotionally and mentally and it makes me LOVE being a full-time wifey and momma that much more. (c'mon...any woman who says she's ALWAYS chipper and full of energy waking up through out all hours of the night, cooking every meal, cleaning toilets and other nasty things, etc., etc... is lying!) I'm grateful for my husband in supporting me in this and understanding that I need my {me-time}. It makes me fall in love with him all over again when he takes on babysitting duty and tells me "you deserve it babe".

For now I'm ok riding other people's horses but once we're a little more established and we can afford it I'm going to own my own. I promised myself I'm going to always ride...because that's 'my thing'...that's my passion...that's me.

Riding with Grampa.

On one of my favorite spots on our ride -This always reminds me of the Sacred Grove.

The view.

Please, don't mind the bad angle of my thunder thighs and that I look like a hot mess in this was early in the morning -I still love this pic.

Monday, November 7, 2011

{ Alluring Flaws }

 My latest project -a still life drawing. I thought I was maybe a little too ambitious choosing this angel statue to draw but now I'm glad I did.

I did something I thought I couldn't.

I guess you could say I was drawn to this statue. It has flaws, yet is still alluring. If you look closely across the top of the wing it's chipped ..oh ya, and it's missing a head. But it still evokes graceful power and beauty.

{ Newlyweds }

If your looking for some inspiration in your marriage (or relationship) or your interested in once again, READ THIS BOOK:

 This book changed my marriage F O R E V E R ! If you read it and apply it to your own marriage it works miracles, plus it's waaaay cheaper than marriage counseling! ...not that we ever needed marriage counseling -I'm just saying (because some people might).

Basically, there's 5 different "love languages". Everyone speaks/understands their own love language which is one of the 5 or they can be bilingual (they speak/understand two love languages). The trick is to recognize and understand what your spouses is -that way you know how to fill up their 'love tank'...and likewise, your spouse learns your love language so they can fill your 'love tank' up. Eh...ok, I'm probably killing this trying to explain it in my own words. Just read the book. It's short and will take less than a day to read.

Caution: Those who read will experience Newlywed symptoms, once again. ;D

Want to know what your love language is??
Take this quiz.

Friday, November 4, 2011

{ What? }

 Laugh of the week...

....And when a man says "what?", it's not because he didn't hear you. He's trying to buy time to think of an excuse to say next.

True story.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

{ Halloween Weekend }

At the pumpkin patch. This is the best pic I could get...he's ALWAYS on the go!

Still don't know what it is with him and goats?

Getting his hair eaten...and of coarse I'm just standing there taking pictures and laughing...
(these goats were pretty aggressive. one almost knocked me over-I was not laughing then.)

He played on this for 30 minutes...when we only paid for 5. suckers!

The sign in front of this said "KIDS ONLY" but when the workers weren't looking I snuck on a couple times with baby :)

IN-N-OUT after the pumpkin patch. If you've never tried fries with a don't know what your missing out on.

His enormous wing span made the whole costume ;)

Trunk-or-Treat with Buzz Lightyear! 

Fonua babies. Getting them to both look at the camera was impossible...we tried. haha

Camped out in front of our apartment carving our pumpkin. Safi boy could care less about the pumpkins -he just wanted to play with the cool knives.

The end result. Not as creative as I would have liked but I was too tired and busy to figure something else out. eh.

Yummy bread bowl soup with sweet potato fries for dinner at my momma's right before going trick-or-treating.

He's ready to get that candy! (I think his daddy and I were more excited than him to get a pillow case full of chocolate)

Highlights of this "first-time" trick-or-treater:
-seeing how excited he was to be "Buzz". he kept on pushing his buttons on his costume and thinking he could shoot his 'laser'
-he got so excited to run up and knock on all the doors (if you know my son than you know how loud his knocks are with those hands)
-when people opened their doors to give him candy he tried to walk inside-he was a little confused and didn't understand why you have to stay on the doorstep
-before someone would give him candy they'd say "what do you say?" (waiting for him to say "trick or treat") Then I'd say "trick or treat" for him. They'd ask him again -and I had to explain that he doesn't talk yet. (people are always thinking he's older than what he really is)
-watching him walk up to a scary house (with scary music, decor, and people w/masks) and not even flinch when he walked up to get his candy

Can't wait until next year!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

{ loose to win }

It's a new month....with new goals!

First goal:
My husband and I were in -great- need of some motivation to get back in shape (and I really, REALLY want him to shave his goatee) so we have a mini-competition/bet going on for this month:

First person to loose10 lbs gets to decide what happens to the goat (yea or nay) and gets to indulge in their choice of a pair of Nikes/Jordans.

Seeing how competitive we both are I'm hoping no matter who looses the 10 first, it's still a win-win situation 'cause we'll both be back on the "Get-Right Program". Buuuut you already know whose going to win (or should I say loose) the 10 first...none other than the WIFEY! Best believe I'll be cooking him his favorite and very fulfilling meals/sweets this month.

Stay tuned to see whose the winner and whose the weiner at the beginning of December!

update: I DID finish the P90x a couple weeks ago. If your thinking about trying it- it really does work and it's effective (but far more effective if you eat healthily the entire program-unlike me haha). I didn't loose all the weight I wanted to but I know I lost something 'cause I went down a notch on my belt. :D The only thing I didn't like about the program is the repetition of watching the same DVDs every week. By the 9th week I wanted to strangle Tony! That's probably why I haven't started INSANITY yet 'cause I'd rather stay on good terms with Shaun T. I'll give it a couple more weeks before committing to that madness.

By the way, I never want to be that thin like the girl in the pic. But really, I am going to do it this time...haha...really. And cake.....or my favorite, Rocky Road ice-cream, isn't going to stop me!