Monday, June 4, 2012

{ sixteen again }

[ List 10 things you would tell your 16 year old self, if you could. ]

"turning '16' is over-rated. 17 and 18 will be your favorite teen-years."

"girls can be friends with guys, but a guy can never be 'just friends' with a girl. you're not ging to get this when your economics teacher fills you in on this concept but he's right about this one. you'll figure out what he meant in a couple years. so you really should try and make more ( girl ) friends than ( guy ) friends."

"when you get to college PLEASE don't mess around the first two semesters. get as much school done as you can before you get married."

"spend as much time with Grama as you can. have as many of those long convos that you guys always have as you can. hug and kiss her. go riding with her. and tell her how much you love her...because you don't have that much more time with her."

"enjoy your freedom of responsibilities NOW."

"in a couple years when you decide to throw that house party while your parents are out of's going to end all bad! your older cousin and her husband are going to crash it and send everyone home...and tell your parents. so plan accordingly...or better yet not have it at all. although, you will have some good laughs about that night once you're older and way past it....but you probably won't be laughing much while you're grounded."

"you are so blessed to have all your cousins as your best friends so soak it all up and make as many memories as you can...because they won't always be so near."

"don't waste your time crying over boys. especially the one you'll have next year. he really isn't as great as you think he'll be. you're going to love your future husband more than anyone else on earth and you'll be truely happy with him (and he can kick all your ex-boyfriends arses!)"

"just be [ happy ] and don't sweat the small stuff...because you're too [ blessed ] and [ beautiful ]."

(yes, that's only 9 things...but really that's all i would want to say to my 16 year old self. i wouldn't want to ruin it for myself and spill too many secrets.)

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