Sunday, September 30, 2012

4 years down & an eternity to go

i can't believe it's already been 4 years! it seems like just yesterday we were married, but then at the same time it's hard to remember what life was like before this guy. there are a lot of things i wish we could have done on our special day, but it was humbling to keep things simple and really remember and be grateful for what's most important: 

having a sweet, LOYAL husband who tells me he loves me everyday - makes me laugh until my stomach hurts and always knows how to put a smile on my face - is a chocolaholic and ice-cream lover, just like me - reminds me what matters most - has the biggest HEART - works hard to provide for us - is our son's HERO - a worthy PRIESTHOOD HOLDER who takes me to the temple - strengthens my weaknesses - is spontaneous and crazy - SUPPORTS my passions and crazy ideas - knows MY WORTH -  LOVES ME me for me - and is my ETERNAL COMPANION for time and eternity.

i love my tongan knucklehead now, always, and forevah!

thought this was funny...

after 4 years, here's our version:

"you've been working so hard all day! i want to take you out to dinner tonight and catch that chick-flick you've been dying to see." ==> "hey babe, i know it's friday night but let's just stop by walmart real quick to pick up a few things and get a redbox."

"i want to have like...10 kids together." ==> "how much were those diapers and formula?! didn't we just buy some?!"

"i can't wait to wake up to you every morning and hold you in my arms." ==> "eww! go brush you're teeth! you have dragon breath!"

(me cooking a new recipe for him) "mmm...this is delicious! can i have more?" ==> "i'm not going to force myself to eat that!"

 "you're such a stud!" ==> "did i really just adopt an overgrown man child?"

in all seriousness -even though the honeymoon phase is over, it still does get better and better.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NYC maternity photoshoot

one of my biggest regrets from my first pregnancy was not having maternity pictures taken. i didn't want to make the same mistake twice so while i was in new york my talented sister-in-law, Lia, took some great photos on the Brooklyn bridge and in Central Park....and i love them!

this mommy's new york getaway

my brother called me up a couple months ago and offered to fly me out to New York where him and his little family are living at the moment. i'm always hesitant to leave my son anywhere but i figured this might be the only time i can go to New York, basically for free, child-less, with the perfect tour guide (my sis, Lia), and have some much needed [ me time ] before this new baby arrives. of course i couldn't say no! so here's some pics from this mommy's new york getaway...
 (sorry to those who follow me on instagram because most of these are reposts)

bartering for all the knock offs in china town with my sistah.

 you know i had to be able to say i've been to NYC DASH.

 Georgetown cupcakes. so yummy!

 coolest toy store ever!

the plaza hotel.

shopping at Tiffany's ;)

time square.

9/11 memorial.

central park.

the metropolitan museum.

...and a sneak peak of my maternity photo shoot around the city.

 this was the perfect mini vacay! i am so blessed to have been spoiled by my bro and sis-in-law. they really are the best! my son and i are most likely going to have another all-day-movie-day today because my swollen feet are still trying to recover from all that walking.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

family man

just something i didn't want to forget.

today safi boy and i walked to the park so i could get my workout in and daddy could sleep in peace at home. right when we got to the park i see his daddy pull up. this guy was suppose to be sleeping but he came to the park to play with his son. [ i love it! ] safi boy was so excited to see his daddy!

i love my family man! he sacrifices everything for us, even his sleep.

Monday, September 3, 2012

preggers update

23 weeks!

-i can finally feel baby kick from the outside when i put my hand on my belly
-diet coke (my previous addiction) leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and it just doesn't taste the same anymore. i rarely drink it, but i guess that's a good thing
-the infamous prego "waddle walk" is starting to creep in. ugh. i sometimes catch myself doing the waddle and try to walk normal again. my strut is officially bipolar.
-i'm actually not eating like a hippo this pregnancy and i try and workout when i can so i've been feeling pretty good...a little plump, but still pretty good
-i don't have too many cravings but the "nesting" symptom is in full effect! i always have this constant urge to clean, organize, and redecorate our home. my husband thinks i'm crazy because i'll just clean, clean, CLEAN until i'm exhausted
-this pregnancy seems to be going pretty fast. after chasing after a 2 year old all day long, i don't find time to sit around and count the months, days, minutes, and seconds til this baby gets here (like i did my first pregnancy)
-speaking of my 2 year old, i have high hopes for this little one on the way. i'm crossing my fingers/praying that he's calmer and more docile than his older brother. if not, than i might only be having two kids. ha!
-every morning i wake up excited just thinking that in a couple more months i'm going to be a mommy again