Friday, June 8, 2012

{ dream job }

[ what is your dream job and why? ]

my dream job would be to start a therapy program for abused girls and women using horses to help them heal and overcome issues that have arised within themselves due to the abuse they have experienced.

if money wasn't an issue and i had the means, i would have a huge equestrian center built with either cabins or a large house where the girls/women could stay on site. Each girl would be partnered with her own horse to ride and take care of for the duration of her stay. there are countless parallels between good horsemnship and being a balanced person yourself. and anyone who has ever been abused knows how 'unbalanced' life can feel. i'd have various workshops and classes where the girls learn how to not only ride but more importantly learn self-confidence, empowerment, healthy relationships, trust, assertiveness, how to love themselves, and personal freedom.

why? ...because horse are my passion and because in a way, this is my own life story. horses were and are one of the ways i coped and overcame my own issues and past so i would want to share that with others because i know it could do the same for them. i believe that no girl or woman should have to carry the burden of abuse. there's always a way out and you [ can ] heal wholly. waking up every morning and doing something i'm passionate about while helping others is something i could do happily and willingly every single day of my life with out even getting paid for it.

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