Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{ strengths }

[ describe 5 strengths you have. ]

 self-learner. just because i'm not in school at the moment doesn't mean i can't be learning new things. i actually like learning. and if you have pinterest and youtube, you can pretty much teach yourself how to do anything. ha!

level-headed, down-to-earth kinda person. i see things and situations as they really are and i can usually think straight enough with out letting my pride or my biased opinion get in the way. and i never like getting caught up in the latest edition of drama.

hard worker. i've never necessarily been 'the best' at anything but i'm always the hardest worker.

i'm intuitive. and for the most part, my intuition about a person, situation, or thing has never been wrong. it's just i don't always listen to it...but i'm getting better at that.

if i put some umph into it, i'm a pretty good gosh darn cook.

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