Sunday, June 10, 2012

{ passions }

[ what are 5 passions you have? ]

[ horses ] since i was a baby i've been riding on the back of one. my dad's parents owned and bred horses so everytime we visited them i'd spend my days over at their place in the barn. when i was about 4 or 5 i hid in the tack room from my parents so i wouldn't have to drive back to cali with them. with my mom being poly and my dad palangi, my grampa (my dad's dad) would call me up on the phone and say "haven, you need to come to utah and learn your other culture. this summer we're going to so some seeeerious riding!" so horses are what i've known my whole life. they became my first passion. i told my husband that one of the requirements of him marrying me was that he eventually had to buy me a horse (and he couldn't eat it lawls)  but saf said we have to first buy a house before we even think about a, i guess.
my favorite place to be since i could remember.

[ good health ] a good diet and exercise on a daily basis is my life long goal. now looking back, i think this has become so important to me because it was (and is) to my mom. she had 5 kids and still looks smoking hot...not because she does anything crazy but she just takes care of herself and her body. one of my mini obsessions is reading health and fit magazines and books, trying out new workouts, and cooking new healthy recipes. i'm not saying i'm the epitome of a 'health nut' but i do my best. i believe when you take care of yourself, you feel good about yourself. and you can't help others unless you help yourself first.
hiking with my boys. and yes, i carried this kid all the way up to the top on my shoulders. and yes, i about died.

[ wife ] this is one of my most imporant roles. it's definitley not the easiest job but it's more than worth it and one that i take seriously. i don't believe you can be a good spouse or have a successful marriage if you're not passionate about it...because anyone whose ever been married knows how much work and effort you have to put into making a happy marriage. it doesn't just magically happen.
this knucklehead.
[ mother ] this is my other most important role. when i had my son, i felt whole and complete. i felt like i found my calling in life. everyday i always find myself pondering all the things i want to teach him and the man i hope he becomes. i only want the best for him and my future children, and i'd do anything to ensure this for them.
i can't believe my son use to be this small! tear. i need another baby. asap.

[ create ] i love to create and add my own personal touch to anything and everything! and i love to be inspired by other's creativity. whether it's decorating, designing, drawing, painting, scrapbooking, photography...i love to to it all! i can get lost for hours while working on a project and listening to my music. it's very therapeutic for me.
collage assignment (that represents my personality) made in one of my art classes.

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