Friday, June 1, 2012

{ #1: 20 random facts about me }

-i use to hate my hair. when i was young i didn't know what to do with my i chopped it off a couple inches above my shoulders! wrong move! my shorter hair did not become straighter/finer (like i thought it would because that's what all the white girls' hair at my school looked like) instead the new due turned into a real frow...and i looked like a pomeranian.

-i love anything and everything coconut flavor/scent.

-i have a phobia of going to the doctors and hospitals.

-when i'm not in a rush to get anywhere, i like to drive with my left foot up on the dashboard and my seat leaned back. ok, and i never thought this was weird until just now as i typed this out on here. lawls. i don't know why i do that?? its comfortable and i've been doing it ever since i got my licence.

-i can't wait to put my son/future kids in sports! i'm going to be one of those crazy, loud moms on the sidelines wearing the team jersey, with my face painted, and an air horn. lol ....but i'm never going to be driving around a minivan.

-countries i've been to: canada, mexico, new zealand, and tonga

-countries i want to go to: fiji, spain, greece, and australia

-it's hard for me to give up my favorite pair of jeans. once i find the perfect pair that fit just right, i wear them out til the knees wear out, there's holes in the pockets, and the crotch rips! lol

-if i'm shopping for myself, i like to shop alone only.

-i'm a mixed-mutt (german-english-maori-tongan)...and i love it because i get the best of all the worlds!

-i'm an animal lovah.

-i miss dancing with hitia o te ra. i wish i stayed, at least a little longer. guess i'm just going to have to watch all my girls dance instead.

-i have the best family.

-my favorite color is crimson.

-if i could, i'd horseback ride every single day of my life.

-i love the beach...and anything else that has to do with water.

-i'm a clean-freak but if you ask my husband he'll say i'm not.

-sports i've played: soccer, basketball, swimming, and softball. i'm pertty sure if i stuck with softball through high school i could have got a scholarship somewhere. oh well.

 -when i was about 3 or 4 i crashed my grampa's cadillac.

-my husband is my best friend.


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