Monday, June 11, 2012

{ i now know what i'm doing }

this morning i had one of those random thoughts "why do i even do that?"

everytime i go to the store to buy a watermelon [ i act like i know what i'm doing. ]
i first look in the large pile of huge, round fruit and then promply choose my choice of method for watermelon-picking. and the method of choice usually depends on how i'm feeling that day. since being married and actually having to pick out and buy the melon (not my mother) i have devised 3 methods of picking that perfect watermelon (since i was never taught) that usually work for me....if i'm lucky.

method A) pick out the prettiest, brightest ball of green with no blemishes.

method B) knock on each watermelon and pretend like i know what kind of sound i'm looking for.

method C) close my eyes, put each hand on a different watermelon, and use my psychic powers to feel which one is the sweetest and juciest.

honestlly, i usually go with method C. and it's successful, most of the time. so either i'm really lucky....or i actually am psychic.

luckily, this morning i got put up on game by my best friend, PINTEREST. i came across a link "How To Pick A Superstar Watermelon" . now that i've found a more reliable method of watermelon picking and i now know what i'm doing, i just might have to make a quick stop at the grocery store today. and if i'm really brave i might try making 'otai...'cause last time was a FAIL.

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