Friday, June 15, 2012

{ typical day }

[ describe a typical day in your current life. ]

as of lately, i wake up  around 6:15 am, right before my actual alarm goes off. yes, i'm a morning person. i usually lay in bed for about mmm...15 minutes until my mind catches up with my body and i decide what i'm going to do first that day. after i use the bathroom and brush my teeth i find my way to the couch and lay there for another 10 minutes where i make my final decision of what i'm going to get done first that day. (it's a process)

if i'm feeling motivated that day, i get my workout done before my son wakes up. usually an at home workout or run, or both if i'm feeling real cuh-razy! today i did one circuit of bodyrock and since my son wasn't up yet i did 30 minutes of the nike training app.  by the end of my workout my son is usually up. he'll walk out from the bedrooom, with eyes half open and walking into the walls while i shout out a huge "GOOD MORNING BABY!" ...then he says "hi, mommy" and comes to sit on my lap so i'll hold him. (him waking up in the morning is always one of my highlights ...probably because i still have my mind intact and all the energy in the world) i'll then make breakfast for my boys. our son will watch cartoons while my husband and i lounge around and talk. he tells me everything that happened at work and i usually tell him everything i forgot to tell him the day before and what baby and i have planned for that day. eventually i decide that my son shouldn't stay in pj's anymore and i can't walk around sweaty all day, so i take a shower then get him ready.

then usually my sidekick and i have our little get-out-of-the-house adventure so daddy can sleep. we either go to disneyland, gigi's house, the beach, swimming, the park, or to whatever activity the mommy club in our ward is doing that afternoon. now this is the best part of my day...'casue c'mon, sitting on the beach with my toes in the sand in the middle of the day with nothing else to worry about but 'what am i going to make for dinner tonight?' is more than noiiiiiice! this is about the time of day when i always think to myself "now this is living the life of a stay-at-home mom! be jealous!"
 today we ended up catching the indoor play ground that's down the street from us and it was looooovely. they have 4 huge rooms filled with jungle gyms, toys, books, games.... so my son played his 'lil heart out while i did absolutely nothing but sit there, relax, and talk with the other mommies.

after our outing of the day we come home and i put my son down for a nap. everytime i plan to do all the things i need to get done while he sleeps, but as of lately i've been so tired so i end up taking a nap with him. by late afternoon, i start getting sick and nauseous (hint, hint). i lay around on the couch or in bed and pin my life away away on pinterest and look at all the new projects i plan on starting but haven't gotten around to them yet. i tell myself i'm going to make dinner, but then my nauseousness somehow talks me out of it and i go have my husband pick something up. at the end of the day i still have my long list of to-dos, but usually decide to put it off because they're still going to be there the next day. instead, i end the day reading books to my son and cuddling while watching movies because that sounds so much more appealing!

my typical day isn't too extravagent.
i just take things a day at a time,
focus on the simple things,
remember that i am blessed,
and let myself be happy.

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