Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Empowering parent

Last week I took my son to run a quick errand with me. As I was picking up the few things I needed he spotted a train THAT HE JUST HAD TO HAVE. Instead of buying it for him just so I didn't have to hear him crying for it I told him if he helps me around the house I'd pay him money and if he saved up enough money I'd take him back to the store and he could buy it himself. The very next morning the first thing he said to me when he woke up was, "mommy, can I wash the dishes for you?" That was music to my ears! I put that kid to work and he loved it! He "washed" all the dishes in the sink and then I "rewashed" them. Lol But afterwards I kept my end of the deal and gave him a couple one dollar bills. He had the biggest smile on his face and it made me so happy seeing the satisfaction and pride he had for himself from earning his own money. A couple days later I took him to the store, he picked out a train, and then handed the cashier the money from his wallet. He was the happiest kid walking out of that store and I was happy to have been able to teach him that:

1)if you want something you need to work to earn it. 
2)the world does not owe you anything! you are not entitled to things you have not earned. 
3)responsibility for actions: there are consequences and rewards for your actions. 

I am by far not the perfect parent but these are the moments that are so rewarding for me -to be able to teach my children important life lessons that I hope they'll remember and practice through out their lives. I love my babies so much and want them to be truly happy. Even though their both still so young, it's never too early to prepare them for the future.


27 weeks

  This pregnancy is just flying by! I can't believe I'm already almost in my third trimester. I've been too busy with my other two kids that I have had little time to ever even think about this little one.  But I had a doc appointment earlier this week (I went alone) and I was finally able to slow down just a bit and think about the near future. I was grateful to hear that everything sounded good with baby. I'm going to have my hands full with 3 kids under the age of four but I'm still excited! My husband and I just lalaLOVE our boys and don't know what we'd do without them. Oh, by the way -not sure if I already mentioned it in here but we're expecting another boy. Anyways, so far so good! I'm hoping for a natural delivery this time though (no c-sections!). Only a couple more months left...


Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 recap for our little fam bam

I can't believe 2013 is already over! Our 2013 was super busy and productive for Saf and I. So much happened and everything happened so fast that the year went by in a blur. We opened 2013 with a bang by welcoming our 2nd team member, Niko!

He's been such a beautiful blessing for our family. He takes after his mama and I'm proud of that!

Shortly after Niko was born we moved (not too far) and Saf started another semester of school.  Oh my stress! Moving right after having a newborn and starting a new semester of school is cuh-razy but we some how made it through!

We renewed our Disneyland passes and Safi boy has been able to show Niko around the park and take him on his favorite rides. 

Safi boy got his first taste in putting his athleticism into good use...KARATE! It was a crack up watching this little guy do his thang!

In the summer we had lots of beach days, but hopefully even more this year. 

We also had a mini fam reunion for my family and stayed in a hotel on the beach in Laguna Beach for a night.

We made a couple trips to Utah to see my family and I was able to get a couple good rides in with my Grandpa.

Of course we had many stay-at-home-lazy-silly days.

At the end of the summer we had a mini reunion with Saf's family up in Monterey. It's gorgeous up there! I even got my husband to go kayaking with us in the bay (if you know my husband than you already know he doesn't do anything water). 

Like I said -it's been a very busy year for Saf and I. At the end of the summer we found out big news.....WE'RE EXPECTING AGAIN! Talk about SURPRISE BABY! Oh well, might as well get our football team going now (we're having another boy).

In September we celebrated our 5 year anniversary (with kids and all! One day we'll get our 2nd honeymoon, right?). We stayed at the Hilton in Huntington Beach right acros the street from the beach. It was a nice close-to-home getaway.  

I ran my first 5k with my sis, Lia. One of my 2014 goals is to run a half marathon!

We ended 2013 with Saf finishing another semester at school and spending the holidays here at home with just us. Honestly, it was nice to just relax for one Christmas and not having to worry about traveling here and there all in the same day. 

2013 was very good to us and we have much to be grateful for. But this year has been quite the emotional roller coaster for me so I'm more than ready for 2014 to roll on in!