Friday, August 31, 2012

Morning Epiphany

As of lately my favorite part of the day has been first thing early in the morning when i get up to go for my walk. (it use to be "jog" but this baby seems to be weighing me down and throwing my center of gravity off these days so i had to downgrade to a walk.) i usually sneak out the door before my boys wake up. it's refreshing to get away for an hour or two before the long list of to-dos have to be started and without any screamer or crier nagging at my side.

i can just quietly think to myself.

i've found that these walks are usually the times when i have my [ epiphanies ]. my most recent one was yesterday morning. the night before last i slept through an entire night of just nightmares. i woke up yesterday morning feeling bothered and negative. a walk (or run) is usually the simple cure that get's me over whatever it is that's weighing me down but for some reason, i just couldn't shake those negative feelings yesterday morning -even while on my walk.

i'm a big believer in dreams and that some have meaning behind them but i also believe that dreams, or nightmares, can be a subconscious reflection of what's going on with you consciously through out your day. obviously, there had been issues bothering this past sunday (actually it was pretty much the entire last week)...and now i was having nightmares about it. this isn't the first time this has happened to me. having "nightmares" about something is usually [ my sign ] that the issue (whatever it may be) is taking too much energy physically, mentally, and emotionally, from me. (do i sound like a whack job yet?)

i couldn't allow myself to be drained and so easily defeated over things that had been said and done. i  could [ feel sorry for myself ] for only 10 minutes...then i HAD to either do something about the situation to change it or change the way i thought about it. 

i can't always change things of the past but i can use that negativity to mold and motivated me into something [ better ] than i was yesterday.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Simple Things #7

self explanatory.

after church these two skipped to the car and sang "i'm so glad when church is done..." they're too funny together.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Things As They Really Are

i know i have a ton of journals...notebooks...memory books...sketch books..etc, but this one in particular in definitely one of my faves. i call it my [ things as they really are ] book. it has a little bit of everything of me in it: pictures, note-to-selfs, love letters, quotes, memories, accomplishments, goals, things that inspire me, etc. 

it's easy to get so wrapped up in life and loose sight of things, but flipping through this book always puts things back into perspective and helps me see things as they really are. oh, and puts a smile on my face.



Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

today has just been [ one of those days ].

i started off the morning discovering a huge bill that i don't want to pay.
then worrying about how we're going to pay for this and that, and still make school happen this fall.
wishing we had another car so i could be at my mom's house already.
i have a long lists of things to get done before the end of the day.
bags to pack.
an energetic 2 year old that wants his mama's attention every second and wants to know the name of every single thing in our home.
i got 3 hours of sleep last night.
my thighs feels gi-NORMOUS, my arms are jiggly, and i'm just feeling BIG. period.
and my pregnancy hormones are making me feel irritated at every. single. little. thing.

i knew i was totally over reacting and making molehills into mountains! 
i was allowing myself to be miserable...over nothing! i needed to change ASAP so i took a deep breath and quickly wrote down a page of everything i'm grateful for while my son took his nap beside me.

this act was simple, yet so humbling. this reminder put me in check. i really do have NOTHING to complain over. i'm blessed immensely! i already posses [ what matters most ]. i'm going to smile and be grateful for all that i have...and enjoy these next few days with those i love most -at the river. peace out fellow bloggers. i'm gonna go get my tan on!

Drum roll, please...


i guess my husband's [ will ] was strong enough because this baby is most definitely a boy. there's no mistaking that! we decided if we were expecting a girl -i'd get to name her or if it was a boy -saf would name him. so looks like my husband gets the honor of naming this little one, and i'm more than ok with that (because i already have our baby girl's name lined up). he's already got his name picked out and it's cute to see him so excited about it. and secretly, i'm excited to still be the only girl in our bunch, for now.

there's the little man!

i'm so excited for my safi boy to have a new best friend. he's going to be happy to have a little brother he can rough up and teach him his mischievous ways! i can't wait to meet baby and see what he looks like. you already know he's going to be a cutie, just like his older bro.

i was telling my husband the other day (in a Captin Planet's voice) "with our powers combined....we 'bout to make some good lookin' kids!" maybe this one will have hazel eyes (like his mama), caramel skin, and blonde curly hair. who knows. either way he'll be perfect!

Monday, August 6, 2012

boy or girl?

tomorrow is a [ big ] day.

i'm having my ultrasound and we're finding out what we're having, a boy or girl.
i guess we kind of already have an idea of what we're expecting but saf and i never settled with the results of the last ultrasound, since i was only 16 weeks when i had it. there's still hope for my baby girl.

either way i'm happy though. i just want a healthy, happy baby. right now i feel baby kicking and moving all around up in here.

aw, i already love this [ baby ] so much.