Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{ embarassing moment }

[ describe your most embarassing moment. ]

i can't think of a specific emabarassing moment off the top of my head, but i can think of the most embarrassing date i've been on.

when my cousin, tabi, and i were in new zealand our uncle set us up on a double date with these two guys we didn't know. when they came to pick us up it was already awkward because we weren't too excited about being set up but we didn't want to say no to our uncle so we went anyways. we all went bowling and then afterwards we drove out to raglan to the see the ocean. by then the awkwardness between all of us had worn off so i thought 'you know, this is cool. it's not as bad as i thought it would be.' but i spoke to soon. on our drive back home i sat in the passenger seat and my cousin, tabi, sat in the backseat with her date. the road back was winding and i could tell it was making tabi car sick because she was dead silent the whole way back. i asked her if she was ok and she said yes. right when we were pulling up into our uncle's driveway i heard tabi throwing up in the back seat. she opened her door, jumped out, and finished throwing up on the side of the road. i got out to help her. she walked into the house to clean up while i stayed outside with both our dates. it was so awkward because they were probably so grossed out that one of us had just thrown up in their car and with us already not knowing each other that well they probably didn't know if they could joke around to lighten the situation or how to comfort my cousin and let her know everything was ok... the two boys and i just stood outside the front door in silence. so awkward. what do you say?

finally tabi opened the front door and i thought, 'yes, i'm saved!' i walked into the house and stood next to her. we looked at our dates, they looked at us. pure awkwardness! our quick convo went something like this...

" k bye."

and before they could say anything back we shut the front door on them! bahahahahaha right then behind the closed door we both just started busting up laughing because we couldn't believe how bad that night ended...and how we didn't know what to say so we straight slammed the door in their faces.  we just thought 'oh well, it's not like we live here or we're ever going to see them again'. funny thing is, a couple years later tabi atually did run into them when she went back down there. i'm just glad i wasn't there for that mini reunion.

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