Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{ Where did time go? }

Tonight I went to school to try and petition for a class. As I was walking across campus everyone looked so......young? (like my younger bro's age) What the...??? ...foreals?! Where did time go?! For the first time I felt...'older'. haha Seriously though -sometimes I still feel like I just graduated. I can't even believe how fast these last couple years have gone by....must be because how fast things just happened.

18-I met my husband
19-I was engaged
20-I got married, then knocked up
21-I had a baby
23-I now have a toddler


I grew up so fast! Funny story though..

A couple months after we got married Saf and I went to the bowling alley for one of his co-worker's birthdays. After bowling everyone went to the karaoke bar inside the alley. Saf's friend wanted us to come watch him and his cousins sing so Saf told him we'll come watch real quick on our way out. Everyone started walking in and just as Saf is about to walk in I stop him and quietly said without anyone else hearing (because I was embarrassed lol)...

me: "Babe they're IDing at the door. What am I suppose to do?" 
Saf: "huh? what are you talking about?"
me: "I'm not even 21! How am I going to get in?!"
Saf: "Sorry babe..I totally forgot your age! HAHAHA!"
me: (annoyed/embarrased face)

Luckily, people are always (for some unknown reason??) intimidated by my husband so they didn't ask for my ID when I walked in with him.

It's crazy how things happen so fast and in a blink of an eye it's already "5 years down the road"....and I'm pretty sure time isn't going to slow down.

 In Neiafu with Grama & Grampa...priceless!

 ALL BLACKS game with Tabi in NZ

 concert with my night!

HB dances...good times!

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