Thursday, August 11, 2011

{ battle scars }

I know this isn't the prettiest picture...and it may disgust (or petrify) most but I just had to post it.

...said so beautifully! 

Mothers sacrifice so much -even their own bodies. And if you were one of those women who looked like those beautiful-skinny-whose ankles were still smaller than their knees models you see in the MOTHERHOOD MATERNITY advertisments or you took those prego photos where you're rockin' a bare belly with out it looking like a tiger attacked you -I've decided you're NOT HUMAN, rather a clone-alien paid by the real mother to carry and bear her child while she takes a vacay to Cabo for 9 months! (or that's what I'd like to believe because the Palmer's cocoa butter didn't really work any miracles for me) I don't know what kind of water those lucky women were drinking when they were pregnant but I wish I had some of it!

When I look in the mirror at my battle scars (referring to the battle of pregnancy) I'm not going to lie -I feel like a piece of me (or my body) died after having a baby, and in a sense it did because it will never be the same. I asked my husband if my 'scars' bother him -he say's they don't (i mean, they better not because I did carry YOUR kid for 9 months AND gave birth to him) He's a man -all he's worried about is multiplying and replenishing the earth

Whenever I do start feeling a little down about it I think to myself:
-Does my husband still think I'm sexy? (yes)
-Do I work (as in, able to bear children)? (yes)
-Do I have a beautiful, healthy son who I just love to pieces? (yes)
-I can at least still have a flat, toned stomach, right?  (yes..well, maybe.. if you work your butt off and lay off the icecream)

But if I had do it all over again I would -in an instant! I carried a LIFE, I created LIFE...and having these battles scars to show from it is just a small price to pay.

(and just in case you were wondering...i've never had my belly button pierced -this is not an actual pic of my belly lol)

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