Friday, September 2, 2011

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It's Friday!!! Only thing better than Friday is Friday PAY DAY! ...buuuuuut today isn't  that Friday. Shoot. 

Anyways, here's the laugh of the week...

When a woman goes to the store and has to buy any type of girl products she always makes sure it's a woman  working at the register before she get's in that line to help minimize the awkwardness 'cause c'mon...watching a guys scan your box of tampons or put your panties in plastic bag is just awkward! ...or maybe I'm the only woman who feels this way.

So I stopped at Wal-mart the other day to pick up a couple things and once I got what I needed I jumped in the 20 Items or Less line (thinking I would be in-and-out) There were only two people ahead of me, one guy and then a (larger) woman already standing by the register ready to buy her items. As the Wal-mart employee was scanning her things he got to her bra and couldn't find a price tag to scan. So he held up the parachute (aka 42DDD bra) high into the air (I was trying so hard not to laugh...'cause who does that?) so every person in Wal-mart could see and flipped it front to back looking for a price tag. No luck. So he goes on the intercom, "PRICE CHECK FOR THE LINGERIE DEPARTMENT"  and calls another employee to take the parachute and find the price. This poor lady was so mortified as she and every other person in the 20 items or less waited....and waaaaiiiiiited for the guy to get back. Once people started leaving the line then I could tell she felt waaaaay embarrassed by the awkward way she was standing and her blushed cheeks. Finally I left the line 'cause it was taking way too long. Sorry lady. That's why you should have jumped in a line with a woman at the register 'cause I'm pretty sure she would have had a little more sympathy by not holding up your parachute and trying to fly away with it in Wal-mart.

But I guess I have no room to talk because when I went to Rite-aid the other day to pick up some girl products I made sure I was in the line with a lady. When I got to the front to pay I handed her my coupon (yes, I'm turning into one of those crazy coupon ladies lol) And for some reason the coupons weren't working so she asked me to step aside to the next register and the manager would help me. The manager come and it's......a guy. Great. He tried to figure out why the coupons were not working then after 5 minutes says, "Sorry ma'am but these coupons won't work for this box of tampons. Would you like me to grab you a different box?" 
"ummmmm (so embarrassed) no thank you." And I ran out empty handed.
Moral of the story: If your going to buy any girl products either get in the line with a woman at the register and have working  coupons or make your husband buy it for you.

Happy Friday!

Guess who?! Haha I found this pic in my photos and it made me laugh. 

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