Sunday, August 14, 2011

{ R&R: get organized }

New R & R (refresh & refine) goal for the week = selling these buggin' 22" rims and tires that are sitting in my bedroom killing space! (who stores 4 huge  rims/tires in their bedroom?!....WE DO! ugh, still irked about it) ...and to organize our entire place and throw out all the junk! Saf and I are both about to start school...more like, I'm about to be starting school for the both of us and I can't concentrate while looking at all this clutter!

As far as last weeks R&R, I did so good up until my husband did something that got my blood boiling--before I knew it I had a bowl of ice-cream in front of me. Talk about emotional eating! haha (that bowl of ice-cream just about saved my husband's life) But hey -I did pass up all the yummy chinese food at China Buffet and the dessert section. It's progress...

The bedroom makeover has begun...somewhat.(just waiting for these rims to  get lost and a little more dough in my pocket) I told Saf my plans for our room aaaaaand he 'says' he's NOT HAVING IT! Yeah already know whose going to win this battle. I told him the person who cleans the house gets to decide how it is decorated! (sorry hun)

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