Sunday, August 7, 2011

{ R&R: No more junk }

Sundays seem to always be my refresh & refine day -so today I made a new 'refine' goal.

  - For the rest of August I'm giving up all sweets, anything with refined sugar, and anything white (as in breads, rice, and pasta) -

I realized if I'm going to break my back (almost literally) doing P90X, I need to cut the junk food if I want to see any results -Otherwise, I'm putting all this work in for FREE! (Abs are made in the kitchen, right?) 

So buh-bye will always be my main squeeze indulgence.

Adios Del Taco...I could always count on you, especially on those late night runs.

So long chocolate...Reese's, your still my chocolate HUNK. (shhh...don't tell my husband that)

 Sayonara rocky road ice-cream...I'm going to miss the way you melt in my mouth.

As long as I don't sleep-eat...I can handle this. 

*Note to husband: You better believe, if I'm doing this -your doing it too! I can't be having you coming home and eating the good stuff in front of me. Get wit' it or get lost!

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