Thursday, August 18, 2011

{ Beach Bummin' }

Yesterday baby and I got out for the day. Even though we don't live that close to the beach (as close as I use to) -at least we live less than 40 minutes away because I would miss this too much... I planned it out. Once I have all my 'lil kiddies we'll be beach bummin' it everyday in the summer while daddy is at work -just like what our mommas did with us (my siblings, cousins, and I) I remember our mommas packing us all in the car and then swimming at the beach all day (and what seemed like almost every day) while they sat on the shore and watched the babies and made us food. I figured if I'm going to stay at home and take care of the kids why not just take care of them at the beach where they can run free, make all sorts of messes, and pee in the ocean.

And yes, I walked down this hill, all the way across the beach, and then back up again with my 30+ lbs kid on my shoulders -just because I was too cheap to pay for parking.

Momma's Beach Bum #1

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