Monday, August 29, 2011

{ Donate }

 So Mondays have become my 'inspirational days'. If school work doesn't get too hectic I'm going to try and post something every Monday of something that inspired me (to help get my week going)...

I was reading one of my sister's blog posts (malo Ruby!) and she shared this link to another blog that changed my perspective. If you have time read this blog, or at least this post "perspective" (and even if you don't, make time) It's about this young mother's fight to save her baby's (Ruby Jane) life who is in need of a new liver. I read this blog and just bawled! It hit so close to home, as it would any mother. After I read it I went and smothered my Safi boy with hugs and kisses! (Of coarse he hated it. haha He's not the soft type) That night I left the dirty dishes in the sink, could care less about my cheap, dirty carpet, and didn't care about how much I weighed because I had my greatest blessing in my arms. My son. I slowed down a little bit and soaked up every moment with him!

I have no complaints in my life! I have my husband, son, family, and the knowledge of the gospel -everything else that I had gotten caught up with (wishing I had a bigger home, figuring out what I'm going to cook tonight, annoyed my husband had to work another weekend) became so insignificant.

I love waking up early in the morning to my husband calling me as he's driving home from work because that means I have a hard working man who wants to take care of us and put food on the table. I love cooking a hearty meal for my boys. I love folding endless laundry because that means  we have lots of clothes to wear and people to wear them. I love soothing my son back to sleep in the middle of the night because that means I'm needed. I love having my own home to clean. I love just doing all the simple daily to-do's because really, looking back these will become cherished memories.

So what's the purpose of me writing this post anyway?

If you read the blog you would realize that by being a potential donor you can give the gift of life to those who are in great, desperate need of it. Ruby Jane's story made such an impact on me that I made sure I was a donor. If it were my son who was sick and in need of a new liver I would hope and pray that there was someone out there who would give him the gift of life by donating.

So if you're reading this -check your drivers license for a small, pink dot that says "DONOR". If there is not one than you can sign up here to become one. It only take one minute out of your day. One of my new resolves is to "act instead of be acted upon". I hope that by this act of becoming a donor and spreading the word of 'Donate Life America' someone's baby (or loved one) will be saved.


  1. *tears* LOOOVE this post! and great idea about 'monday' posts! her blog was definitely an eye opener :,) kiss safiboy for me!

  2. ps...u read her latest post? O M G:(