Wednesday, August 24, 2011

{ baby gone Gogh }

My son needed to do something other than watch Toy Story 3 or The Princess and the Frog all day so I got a little creative. I put my son in the tub and let him paint away with colored shaving cream. He la la LOVED it! I think I saw a bit of Van gogh in his work. (maybe he'll be artistic like his momma)

momma's highlight:
-watching baby paint his entire face and all that was visible was his big brown eyes
-baby trying to paint with his toes
-seeing him smiling and laughing!

baby's highlight:
-making the biggest mess with out getting in trouble by momma
-slip n' slide in the shaving cream

This was so cheap and easy. And it's all in the bath tub so it's an easy clean up. Just rinse off the walls and tub (with baby in it) with water. (i was afraid the food coloring wasn't going to come off baby -but it did! Good thing or else he was going to be the green machine for a couple of days!)

All you need:
-cupcake baking pan
-shaving cream ($1)
-a small spatula
-food coloring ($2)

-squirt some shaving cream into each cupcake section
-add a couple drops of food coloring per section and stir (for a wider range of colors add different colors of food coloring in one section)
-grab a paint brush and you're ready!

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  1. what a great idea! totally stealing this when baby girl gets older! xoxo