Monday, June 20, 2011

{my sleepy-dilemma}

*disclaimer: there is really no point to this entry. i'm just tired, annoyed with myself, and in need of a good laugh. I promise my next entry will have a purpose. haha

so i woke up this morning with chocolate candy wrappers on the floor next to my side of the bed and a sore tummy. "what the frik?! tell me those are from my husband and not me?!" .....yuuuuuup, they were from me. ugh. i have a confession to make. you know how some people sleep-talk..others sleep-walk...well, I sleep-eat. yes, sleep-eat as in i totally don't recall getting up in the middle of the night, walking to the kitchen, and eating half a dozen cookies. i don't know why i do this...or how to stop it. what's even worse is Saf will be up watching tv and he'll see me do this and not do anything, but laugh at me the next day when i ask him where the rest of ice cream went. jerk. since i've been on my "get-right-loose weight-before i have another baby" spree i've been doing good at watching what i eat in the day time....but once the bedtime rolls around, i'm done for! i'm not too sure what triggers these episodes but let me take a wild guess....STRESS! maybe it would help if i added in a couple more "woooosaaaaaaas" into my day or invested in a punching bag, better yet use my husband as one. or maybe i just need to padlock the fridge, freezer, and pantry every night before i go to sleep. eh. i need to figure something out soon before i accidentally sleep-walk again and eat my own hand off! ok. it's late. i'm tired. time for bed. wish me luck tonight!

PS. when i googled "sleep walk eating" i  found out that it's actually a disorder. i don't know if i should laugh or cry. maybe i better look a lil more into that. haha

*oh ya...if i see you in person please don't make fun of my sleep-eating disorder. i'll kill you. jp. no really though.


  1. Awww that sucks! It is totally a real thing! My friend suffered from this and it was so hard for her. She had to lock her fridge and all the food in the pantry. That worked pretty good! Another thing she tried was taking sleeping pills to knock out at night and not wake up at all! She didn't like that though! Hope you figure something out! It sucks when you are being so good eating during the day and the night just kills it all! Sad!

  2. Thanks Taryn! It doesn't happen too often so I guess that's a good thing. lol

  3. my friend is a sleep-eater too! she resorted to taking ambien before bedtime... but it didn't help. one time she consciously made the decision that she was going to eat a banana instead of chocolate that night... it worked, but only after a few cuss words, lol. and i think it's totally fine to treat your subconscious to chocolate every once in a while :)