Friday, June 24, 2011

{ new project: bedroom makeover }

 I heard (from Oprah) that a couple's bedroom says a lot about their relationship...well, our bedroom is somewhat organized, it has a comfy cal king bed with a drab bed set, a bunch of crap stuffed under it, still no pictures or anything on the walls except a fancy picture frame from Ikea that I STILL haven't put anything in, a tv that we never watch (which I guess is a good thing), nicely painted tan walls, and four 22" rims with tires standing against the wall (yeah, don't ask). So Oprah, what does that say about our relationship? ...Not sure if I want to know the answer but I'm pretty sure our bedroom could add a little more umph to it, which  would obviously add some more to our 'relationship'. haha And whaaaaaat?!

Here's my moroccan bedroom makeover inspiration.
I'm in love with canopy beds. Don't think I can afford one so I'll have to improvise. Love all the drapery and warm colored fabrics. Love the lanterns and low-key lighting. Love all the pillows and comfy-ness.

Over the next few months I'm hoping our bedroom will look somewhere in between these four pictures. If it's a success I'll post pics...if it's not, let's just hope it has no effect whatsoever on our relationship. 

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