Friday, December 28, 2012

prego update

...aaaannnnd still NO BABY!

my due date is on tuesday (January 1st) and today i found out i'm only dialated to a 1 1/2. ugh. i really thought i was further along because i've been doing the most trying to get this baby out. i'm almost desperate enough to get out tomorrow and walk for 3 hours straight while going to town on some jalepenos and red rooster sauce...but not desperate enough to down castor oil. although, i was desperate enough to look up on youtube how to preform acupressure and locate the pressure points that stimulate natural induction. didn't work but i'm going to try round 2 tonight. i was crossing my fingers for a december baby so my mama could make it to birth but looks like that's not happening since she's leaving for utah tomorrow. 
despite these past couple days dragging, this pregnancy has really flown by. i still remember the day i found out i was expecting. i waited a couple days after that to tell my husband (which was the hardest thing for me to do because it's hard to keep anything from him and i'm the worst liar). since his birthday had just pasted at the time, i decided to give him a late birthday gift. i wrapped two test in a box (and of course i had to get the test that actually said "PREGNANT" because he wouldn't have remembered what the double lines meant) and told him i had a late birthday present for him. he thought it was the new phone he had been wanting. he was totally surprised and caught off guard once he finally opened the box and saw the tests. he didn't 'cry' but it was a tender moment seeing him get all choked up. and i got the whole thing on video...

(sorry, the sounds sucks.)


  1. That is so cute that you gave it to him as a late bday present! What a cute idea! I hope that cute baby comes soon for ya! I have no hints or ideas since I'm not a mommy yet! Cant wait to see how cute he is though!

  2. awww this was cute! u gotta show this post to baby fonua one day:) saf's reaction..pretty priceless! good luck sis! hope baby comes soon!