Friday, December 28, 2012

my birthday boy!

my son, safi boy, just had his 3rd birthday last week. i can't believe 3 years have already gone by since i had my almost 10 lber baby!

he woke up on his big day surrounded by birthday balloons. for breakfast i made him his favorite, pancakes and eggs.

him trying to understand the concept that he's "3" now. 

saf and i planned on taking him out but he refused. all he wanted to do was stay home and play with his new train that he got from his aunty layn. later on in the afternoon is cousins, baby nice and 'lil chris, came over and played with him. after they left he knocked out for a quick nap...right next to his train.

we went over to gigi's house that night for some cake and ice cream and more presents.

...with his great grama and grampa wihongi.

his aunty terewai made him a spiderman birthday cake and cake balls.

 him trying to kiss spiderman right before we devoured him.

him and i throwing up the spiderman sign before we sang happy birthday,

"ooooohhhhh" he was so excited! when we sang happy birthday to him he kept on blowing out the candles before we could finish the song.

only he would "pound" his birthday present to try and open it.

my christmas baby and i...only he's not so much a "baby" anymore.

oh, and i couldn't forget the highlight of the night. his cousin, nohea, got him a spiderman shirt and underwear. he couldn't wait to try them on so he literally threw off all his clothes and flexed for us after he got the underwear on (they were a little big but he didn't care). i swear this kid was born all muscle!
by the way, his 'tail' has been growing for exactly 2 years now. it was my husband's idea (of course) for him to have it. i use to hate it...but now don't mind it so much because it kind of goes with his personality. anyone who knows my son knows what i mean.

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  1. Love you Safi Troy, good job Layn on the train he loves it.. look at him work the train such a big boy xoxo love his underwear