Saturday, December 1, 2012

is this normal?

yesterday safi boy and i were out running errands. as we ran to various stores i bought him a bag of marshmellows (his current favorite treat), a simple toy, and took a few quick pics as we were walking through the parking lot in the rain. i couldn't help but feel a little sad knowing that he wasn't going to be [ my only one ] for much longer. of course i'm more than excited to have #2 and i have no doubts that i will love this next one just as much as my first...but there's still this speck of me that is sad because i know our relationship will never be the same. we're never going to have the same constant on-on-one time together. and i don't know...things just won't ever be the same. 
 is this normal?
 i told my husband about these feelings and he thinks i'm crazy...and weird. but a mother/son relationship is much different so he just doesn't get it. so we'll just enjoy this next month and make the most of it until his baby brother gets here. then we'll move to the next chapter in our lives and make it into something even better.

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