Saturday, December 1, 2012

a productive day of nothing

only four more weeks until this baby boy (but i still have 20% hope that it's a girl) gets here. i cannot believe how fast time has flown this pregnancy!  it's getting harder to do much these days. like today, my son and i have done a b s o l u t e l y nothing! i'm still in my pajamas and now that i'm thinking about it i don't think i brushed my teeth either. oh, sorry. TMI? the only productive thing we did do was learn the #1...

Safi and I already decided that teaching our children the importance of education will be a major focus in our home and in their lives. what better time to start then now, right? by the way, i just got these preschool workbooks from the 99 cent store yesterday and so far my boy loves them! you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars a month for preschool when you can just do it yourself. (not to mention the endless ideas, worksheets, and craft ideas that you can get off pinterest as well)

part of the reason we've been in stuck mode today is my husband drove to work (and he has the car with the booster seat and stroller in it). he was suppose to get off almost 12 hours ago and he's still working! i texted him, totally irritz because i figured he had gone somewhere else straight after work and left us with no ride, until he texted me back this pic...

that's his i'm-annoyed-at-you face....he even made sure the clock was in there so i could see the time. eh, MODED! (sorry babe!) i'm glad i married this hard working man. i better go start cooking dinner because this guy is going to be hungry by the time he gets off. after that i'll be back to my very productive day of sleeping, youtube, and netflix.....maybe i'll do a workout, maybe.

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