Sunday, December 16, 2012

i am not saying i am wonder woman but...

today i:

-went costco shopping with the rest of the world (or so it seemed) and almost lost my voice from constantly yelling at my son to stay close to me because he kept on getting crushed in between people's shopping carts
-had lunch with my like walked around costco so many times that we collected and ate enough samples to equal a lunch
-unloaded the groceries from the car, which meant making a million trips up and down the stairs
-vacuumed the entire car
-went to the 99 cent store, shopped some more, and then miscalculated the space between the side of my shopping cart and the wall when i tried walking around it to pay. yup, i got stuck. i always forget how far out this belly is now. i was too embarrassed to even look at the customer waiting in line behind me because i'm sure i looked pretty ridiculous trying to unwedge my prego self away from the shopping cart and the wall
-took my son to the park and pushed him on the swing until his little heart was content
-stopped at the grocery store to pick up the things that i forgot to get earlier in the day
-unloaded more groceries and made a billion more trips up and down the stairs
-actually cooked a real dinner (no frozen or fast food involved or incorporated)
-cleaned out the fridge...cleaned the kitchen...cleaned...cleaned...then cleaned some more...
-finally prepared my young women lesson that i put off all week because i had no time to do it

...all by myself with just my 3 year old, sick, and 9 months prego!

...i am also 'just saying' that all this walking, carrying, and running errands better put me into labor AND make it a quick delivery at that!

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