Sunday, July 24, 2011

{ too much }

This morning was hectic.

wake up early.
prepare my lesson (that I was too tired to do the night before, yet days before).
get ready.
feed baby.
make fruit salad for our ward's linger longer.
make my husband some lunch so he has something to eat when he gets off work.
get baby ready.

...all before I leave to church.
After making two trips up and down the stairs of our apartment just to get everything, including my son, into the car I thought to myself, "It would be so much easier if I just skipped sacrament and Sunday school and just made it to Young Women...I mean, I have an excuse: no husband (equals less helping hands) and a crazy kid that cannot be contained for long periods of time." I brushed off the thought before it turned into an action, put my son in his car seat, and we left for church. (surprisingly not running too late but already drained and my day had just begun)

As I was walking through the parking lot towards our building I had my 30+ lbs son in one arm, a humongous glass bowl of fruit salad in the other arm, and the heavy as diaper bag on my shoulder all while trying not to fall on my face and drop the bowl of fruit while my heels were getting stuck in every flippin' hole in the asphalt. But falling on my face or dropping the fruit salad wasn't my biggest problem, how was I going to open the door to get inside? With out even putting anything down I pulled some super-woman moves and got through the doors successfully. phew! ...On to the next challenge-sacrament meeting.

Before walking into Sacrament I tried not to be bitter at the fact that my husband had to miss church again because of his work schedule. He's my extra set of hands. I was already exhausted and I felt too much was being asked of me.(yes, I was being a little over-dramatic) I walked into the overflow (my son is too crazy to even try and sit in the pews) I felt like a hot mess...I had beads of sweat dripping down my face and my hair looked like a rat's nest. In less than 5 minutes of sitting down my son was already running through the chairs and screaming-straight to the foyer we go.

After chasing my son in my heels (why on earth did I wear heels today?!) I sat down on the couch to catch my breathe and just pretended that I didn't see him climbing on the table (I was beyond exhausted at this point) Thankfully he got off the table and ran over to me to sit on my lap. I grabbed a couple pass-along card on the table near me so I could show baby the pics on the front to distract him. One of the pictures on the cards was of Jesus. As I pointed to his face and asked baby, "Who is this?," a deep impression came to my mind.  

"No one can stand before the Savior and suggest too much was asked."

I was humbled indeed.

Obviously my petty 'problems' of the day were nothing compared to the more serious trials I have endured (or have yet to endure)-and even those are not too much compared to what our Savior chose to endure for each and everyone of us. I know I am not given anything I cannot overcome and have definintly never been asked too much of me. I'm eternally grateful for my Savior and the selfless act he did when he died and atoned for me.

I LOVED this picture of the Savior.

[Side note: baby stayed in nursery the whole time which equals 2 whole hours of rest for me (nursery teachers are angels)
-my lesson was awesome and my class was full
-linger longer was on point and my fruit salad was gone before I could even get any, which I guess is a good thing because that means my first trial run of it was a success]

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