Thursday, July 21, 2011

{ punk-arse & tom-boy }

Last weekend Saf and I found this new park to take our son to. (if you saw the last post-this is where that video clip was taken) It's one of those newer parks with a high-tech playground, a trail to walk on, and it even has an outdoor fitness area (niiiiice) with a leg press, chest press, elliptical, and more... We started taking baby here everyday so he can burn at least some of his boundless energy. (my son is like a dog-if you don't walk him everyday he goes crazy and tears the house up) Anyways, while our son goes off and plays, Saf and I get a little competitive on the playground-kind of like that little punk-a** boy back in elementary school whose always competitive (and mean) to that tom-boy at recess but still plays with her because he has a secret crush on her.

One day were trying to launch each other off the teeter-totter, and the next day we're seeing who can still do the monkey bars. Well, today we found some 'big kid monkey-bars' (tall enough that our feet don't touch the ground) Saf dared me to try and swing across (it's been sooooo long since we both did it-didn't know if we still could) Of course he made me go first even though it was his idea. I grabbed onto the first bar and as soon as I swung my arm and grabbed the next bar, my hand totally slipped and I ate it! (good thing I had my number one cheerleader on the sideline laughing hysterically at me-NOT!) I got right up and tried again. This time I made it across with ease. (take THAT punk-arse boy!) Then Saf got up to go. I can't even remember what exactly happened after that between his laughing, the bee that was chasing me, and then him walking back to the car saying, "It's too hot-next time"-but he never did made it across. (whose laughing now?)

punk-arse: 0 points
tom-boy: 1 point

Don't worry babe...I know you still got a crush on me!

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