Friday, July 15, 2011

{ priceless day }

Hallelujer! It was a miracle! My hubby actually got a day off of work...and how did we spend it? At Disneyland! And to top it off getting in was free. Saf, my son, and I left first thing in the morning and we ended up staying the whole day. Here's a couple pics from our well spent day...
This was Safi boy's favorite part of the entire day. All he wanted to do was stay and bug the goats. He was picking their noses, waking them up, chasing them, yelling at them, and then he would chase any other kids away that tried to touch any of his goats. hahah ya..we left after the worker game me that look that said, "control your kid"
We went on the merry-go-round a couple times because it was the shortest line.

My buff guys.

Toy Story is my son's favorite movie! He went crazy when he saw Woody and Jessie. I wanted to take a pic of him with them but we were not about to stand in the 1+ hour line (in the heat) along with the other crazy parents. [sorry baby, next time]

Our ice-cream break while baby was knocked out. (we didn't want to share because this kids would have eaten both of our ice cream with ease)

Waiting for the World of Color show to start.

My handsome son up on daddy's shoulders watching the show intently. It was AH-mazing! It ended our night perfectly.

This was the first time I have ever been to a theme park and not gone on any 'big kid rides' (Saf hates them and even if he did go on them we had no one to watch baby) I was this close [ ] to going on one of the roller coasters by myself (that's how bad I wanted to go) but then thought "would that make me a loser?" haha ...because I always remember waiting in line to go on a ride and then thinking how weird the person behind us was because they were waiting in a 60 min line by them self and them screaming on the ride in the seat behind us to them self. Eh. haha I just passed on the roller coaster. Next time though...

As we drove home from Disneyland we had one of those long convos where you talk about everything, finally apprehend one another, and feel like the world is perfect. We wanted to stop at Denny's for a late night bite to eat (like how we always use to) but then looked in the back seat and remembered we had our son, who was way passed knocked out. So we all three just went home and called it a day....a well-spend, over-due, priceless day.

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