Tuesday, July 26, 2011

{ blood, guts, & glory }

This last Friday Saf surprised my son and I with a day off and a trip O.C. Fair and rodeo! I can't even remember the last Friday night I spend with my husband, so this night was as rare as my husband cooks or cleans the kitchen.

Safi boy's favorite part was seeing all the farm animals. When I wasn't looking he tried to run inside the cow's pen and jump over the fence to get to the baby goats. Yes, this kid has no fear! And it wouldn't be a real trip to the fair with out getting some bbq'ed meat and deep fried twinkies and Klondike ice-cream.

 baby chickies.

This was before he tried to climb in with the baby goats.
 Deep-fried Klondike bar. OMF! (oh my fatness)

Rodeo baby!

The rodeo was by far the highlight of the night. I remember back in the day going to the Alpine Days Rodeo (Alpine is where my dad is originally from) with my grandparents. (for me, this was like going to Disneyland-ya, I was a dork! lol) When I was 9 my dream was to be the Rodeo Queen....problem was I didn't live in Alpine and I didn't have my own horse; talk about a crushed dream!

While we were sitting in the stands watching the rodeo clowns chase a bull around the arena while trying to grab the ribbon tried to a it's horns-it brought back fond memories of my own rodeo experience. When I was 11 my grandparents took my sis, Syd, and I to the rodeo. One of the games they had for the kids was they tied a $5 bill to a steer's tail and whoever was able to snag the bill off the tail got to keep it. (looking back -why did I do that for five bucks?! That was at least worth a $50 lol) So the announcer called all the girls in my age group to the arena who wanted to try. Being the tom-boy that I was, I was up in the front of the line of screaming girls ready to chase this thing! They let the steer go, and the stampede of girls followed. While all the girls chased the steer in circles around the outer edge of the arena, I waited on the side for the steer to come to me. (i thought i was smart lol) As soon as it was about to pass me a grabbed the end of it's tail for dear life! The flippin' beast was running so fast I was half-way running and half-way being dragged along the arena fence! But I wasn't about to let go- I had a death-grip on that tail with my left hand while my right hand tried to grab the money (OH YA-which was tied to the top of the tail near the buttocks and manure. i must have thought that $5 was pure gold or something because it wasn't that serious! ) I could feel myself begin to tumble so I closed my eyes and made one quick grab- aaaaand I missed it!

While I was standing in the middle of the arena and trying to catch my breathe-I felt something running down my arm. Before I even looked down I heard a girl screaming, "YOUR ARM! ...IT'S BLEEDING!" I looked down and almost wet my pants when I saw how much blood was rushing down my arm and the huge gash in it! lol (it must have got cut sometime while I was getting dragged against the fence) This girl insisted I go to the ambulence right away -it must have looked way worse than how it felt -because I didn't even feel it. All I was worried about was trying to get the $5! (i couldn't loose!) Once the announcer saw my arm they called the whole thing off and took my to the ambulence. (i was so mad walking out empty handed) I still remember walking through the group of boys (who were the next to go) and seeing some leave once they saw my arm. lol (sissys!)

I ended up having to go to the hospital and get 9 stictches (inside my arm, it was that deep) and 13 on top. My Grama was scared my mom wasn't going to let me come back to visit them because every time I did -I always got hurt. 

I still can't believe I (now) got this fat scar for a measly  $5 bill...let alone, for free because I didn't even end up getting that! ....way to end my blood, guts, and glory story  -NOT!

...and here's my blood, guts, and (not) glory scar today

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