Thursday, July 7, 2011

{ And all this time... }

Tonight before I put my son to sleep I knelt down by the bed to say prayer. Since he's starting to talk and copy everything we do, I figured my son is old enough to learn the basics of it. So as I knelt down (already assuming he wasn't going to pay much attention), he surprisingly came and knelt down right next to me (as if he already knew what was about to happen). As I closed my eyes and began my simple, child-like prayer (so my son could understand) I felt his little hand reach around me as he then rested it on my back and he held me as best as his short arms could. (what's funny is this is what Saf does to me everyday when we say family prayer)  Safi boy was reverent and still the entire brief prayer. As soon as I said 'amen' and opened my eyes, he let go of me and he was back to his old self -bouncing off the walls.

And all this time I never even thought he was paying attention to us (Saf and I) as we prayed together everyday while he jumped on the couch or on us...and I definitely didn't think he ever noticed the small gesture his father makes as he holds his mother even closer while they pray.

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  1. This is the cutest thing!! Kids are so curious and they catch everything!! Right on having family prayers!