Monday, July 11, 2011

{ thicker than blood }

Last Saturday I was blessed to witness the beautiful sealing of my little sister and her husband for time and all eternity in the Newport Beach temple. As they knelt across the altar it brought back precious memories of my own sealing to my sweet husband. Even though my husband wasn't able to make it that day (due to his INSANE work schedule) I know he is mine and will forever be mine, as with my son and future children, due to the sacred covenants we made on -our day-.

As I was sitting in the waiting room before the sealing started, the room started to crowd as it filled up with all of my family who came from near and far. Through the crowd I spotted my husband's parents.When I saw them I immediately felt not only gratitude because they made the long drive to show their support for my family, but I was overwhelmed with this comfortable, familiar feeling that I couldn't pin-point just what it exactly was right at that moment. I quickly realized this feeling was a deep sense of 'home'-my other home-my other family. Through marrying my husband, I was blessed and bound to his family...who I now see as my family.

I love my bro-in-laws, sis-in-laws, and aunties and uncle who married into the fam just the same. Despite any similarities, differences,  where we come from, or how we perceive things we have to make it work because are we not all eternally bound?

They say blood is thicker than water...but today I was reminded once again what is even thicker than blood-a family that is eternally bound both on earth and in heaven.

*ok...enough with the softness. here's a few pics from over the weekend.
The CUTE COUPLE-So proud of you sis & thanks bro for making her truly happy!
*photo taken by our new family photographer, Lia Barlow

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  1. 3 things:)
    -CONGRATS to your sis&bro in law! so exciting for their lil fam♥
    -your sis in law got skills! Love the pics!
    -soooooo glad mom&dadFONUA made it to the celebration:) thats so cool!!