Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{Welcome to my brand-spanking-NEW blog!}

I've finally decided to make my blog 'public,' instead of 'private' so people could actually see it. haha I'm a pretty private person but decided to open myself up in a new way to others. I'm still trying to figure the whole blogger-thing out so this is still 'under construction' and has a few glitches...but if I waited to open this up once I thought it was perfect then it was never going to happen. I love to create, write, take pics, reminisce, and record so here's my 'lil corner of the internet where I do just that. This blog is dedicated to my inspirations, my perception on things, my influence and effect, and life as I know it.

People will forget what you did..people will forget what you said..but they never forget how you made them feel. My hope is that whatever you read or see in here will cause you to feel in some way inspired, make you see things in a different way, or the very least, spark a smile. 

So....this is me.

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