Friday, June 17, 2011

{ Comfortable in my own SKIN }

I came across this Nike ad and loooooved it! This pic is most definitely me. haha The one part of my body that never seems to shrink are my thighs! My husband laughs at me every time he watches me jump up and down, bend over, squat, pull, and kick just to get my jeans up over my thighs and fitted right. Growing up I let myself  be so self conscious about them, but now I've realized my thighs are never going to look like those women's thighs you see in magazines. And I don't want them to. A little thickness in the right parts never hurt anybody!
It wasn't an easy journey but I am now comfortable in my own skin. I am embracing what my mama gave me and rockin' these thunder thighs! ;)


  1. Aw, I love this!! I got 'em too! The only difference is you are POST baby and I am PRE baby! Haha!

  2. lol... girlfriend, it's in our blood. be proud! and work those polynesian thighs! this is the theme of my big booty and thighs:

  3. Taryn-thanks! lol

    Lia- I know right! lol