Tuesday, June 7, 2011

{ my SON }

This kid! haha He's forever keeping me on my toes and making me smile. He has the biggest personality compacted in a small body.  These last couple weeks have been hard with my husband working 60+ hours a week but I'm never lonely because I have this 'lil guy with me always.
Last night as I was holding him in my arms soothing him to sleep I was reminded once again that he is what matters most. I could loose everything tomorrow but still be happy because I have him. He truly is our everything.

[favorite "mommy moments"] 
-watching him sleep
-seeing how much he looks up to his daddy and wants to be like him
-when he randomly walks over to me and gives me a big uma

[funniest moments]
-let's Moko (the dog) lick inside his mouth (ok, maybe that's a little more gross than funny)
-makes this funny face when he scrunches up his nose and makes 'fish lips'
-kisses the girls on the playground (yup, he's already a ladiesman)

[cutest moments]
-he always has to lay in between my husband and I (and if there's no room he pushes us apart until there is)
-when he talks to smaller babies in his 'high pitch-baby talk tone' (like grown ups do)
-when he comes to me so I'll kiss his 'booboos,' then runs away smiling

He is such a handful and has energy for days but I wouldn't trade him for anything because he's my son.

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