Sunday, March 25, 2012

{ weekend rejuvenate }

last week felt like it dragged on f o r e ve r. by Friday I was drained and in desperate need for some 'me-time'. you want to know how desperate?

this desperate.
...I ate my dinner in our walk in closet just so I could get some peace and quiet from the two crazies I live with! being alone in the bathroom isn't even a priviledge I can seem to enjoy these days.

after my private dinner I told my husband I needed to get out for an hour to collect myself. (the poor dog already felt the wrath of my swift kick to his behind!) having no idea where I was going to go I ended up stopping at the Good Will. didn't expect to find much but ended up buying 2 shirts, a mint colored skirt, brand new skinny jeans, and a 'treasure box' (that became my next new project. and I'll post more about it later) all for $20!!! catching that deal flipped my night around!

Here's the two outfits I got.
I LOVE shopping at Good Will! ...not because I have to but I think it's just the [ thrill ] of finding something that's one of a kind and a great deal that get's me going back there every week now! Most of the stuff I get from there is brand new (or barely used) and from Target too.

Saturday morning I woke up early before my boys and took the dog for a run on these new trails I just found right in our own backyard. who knew, right?
I can't believe I never found these before! These trails go for m i l e s. good thing I'm direction-oriented or else I would have been lost 'til next week! I had no idea what to expect and ended up running almost 2 miles straight up hill. that sheezy better make me skinny! hills are a lot easier on horseback. anyways, it was still beautiful, refreshing, and adventeruous -just what I needed!

dropped my muddy Moko off at the groomers after where he got a fresh bath and a lineup. no more stinky dog in the house and he's so soft!

spent the rest my weekend relaxing with my boys and watching movies.
wachu know 'bout this movie?! lol for some reason I've been dying to watch this for the longest minute now so I ordered it off Amazon and it got here Saturday. perfect timing.

it was nice having my boo off for two days and to actually be able to make it to church with us.

I am blessed and have so much to be grateful for.
now ready to conquer another week ahead.

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  1. I love the new outfits! I never find THAT cute of things at Good Will!! PS you look great!!!