Thursday, March 8, 2012

{ one-on-one }

Tonight Baby and I snuck out to Disneyland for a couple hours so Daddy could catch up on his z's. Getting passes has mos def been the best investment I've made so far this year 'cause this kid loves it! I get 'cabin fever' way to quick so we're always getting out of the house...or else mommy starts to go a 'lil crazy! (just ask my husband) Oh ya, Baby finally met Buzz tonight! [ BIG DEAL! ] Well, we caught him walking back to his "spaceship" so baby just got a quick hi-5. Lame. I'll just have to capture the moment next time we run into him.

I'm loving this [ one-on-one ] time with my sidekick! We're soaking it all up while we can!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE this! aw wish you got pics of baby w/buzz! that sux! but cheers to more qt w/your safiBOy! officially hoping for our "next one" soon cuz our bbynice is starting to be a BRAT!lol love u guys!