Tuesday, March 20, 2012

{ to me, it all makes perfect sense }

painted this the other day to hang on our bedroom wall. it's the lyrics to "God Blessed the Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts. i would have used the lyrics from our first dance at our wedding (Dontchange by Musiq Soulchild) but honestly, our reception is a blur to me and doesn't bring back the best memories.

this song suits us better anyways.

i believe everyone has a little or some kind of brokenness (from their childhood and/or past) and you know you've found the 'right one' when that brokenness finally starts to heal. being with that 'right person' is healing. or maybe it's not a brokenness but a void that they help you fill or a weakness of yours that they compensate for. of course, compensate for you in a good way which eventually helps turn your weakness into a strength. 

looking back i see the subsequent of events (or signs) that led me to him. and despite things that happened in my life, good or bad, i was still led to that 'right person'. now looking at the big picture through spiritual eyes, i see why i needed him and why he needed me.

or maybe i'm just talking nonesense and making no sense at all.
but to me -it all makes perfect sense.

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  1. it makes p e r f e c t sense sis. love this post. i remember making this my "myspace" song back when myspace was the shiz lol during our dating stage and don didnt care for it(they neva do) lol but i totally get wea u coming from:)