Wednesday, November 2, 2011

{ loose to win }

It's a new month....with new goals!

First goal:
My husband and I were in -great- need of some motivation to get back in shape (and I really, REALLY want him to shave his goatee) so we have a mini-competition/bet going on for this month:

First person to loose10 lbs gets to decide what happens to the goat (yea or nay) and gets to indulge in their choice of a pair of Nikes/Jordans.

Seeing how competitive we both are I'm hoping no matter who looses the 10 first, it's still a win-win situation 'cause we'll both be back on the "Get-Right Program". Buuuut you already know whose going to win (or should I say loose) the 10 first...none other than the WIFEY! Best believe I'll be cooking him his favorite and very fulfilling meals/sweets this month.

Stay tuned to see whose the winner and whose the weiner at the beginning of December!

update: I DID finish the P90x a couple weeks ago. If your thinking about trying it- it really does work and it's effective (but far more effective if you eat healthily the entire program-unlike me haha). I didn't loose all the weight I wanted to but I know I lost something 'cause I went down a notch on my belt. :D The only thing I didn't like about the program is the repetition of watching the same DVDs every week. By the 9th week I wanted to strangle Tony! That's probably why I haven't started INSANITY yet 'cause I'd rather stay on good terms with Shaun T. I'll give it a couple more weeks before committing to that madness.

By the way, I never want to be that thin like the girl in the pic. But really, I am going to do it this time...haha...really. And cake.....or my favorite, Rocky Road ice-cream, isn't going to stop me!

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