Monday, November 14, 2011

{ weekend marathon }

My husband surprised me with two days off from work. Well, technically it's not even 'two days off' -most people call it a 'weekend'. I can't even remember the last time he had an entire weekend off...?? It's been so long we didn't even know what to do with we did a b s o l u t e l y nothing but have a marathon of...

The Vampire Diaries!
(psshhh...Don't judge!)

...not that I'm really even that into the whole Vampire phenomena that seems to have errupted lately but I found this on Netflix -it had good ratings so I started watching it just to see if it was interesting -then I had to keep watching the next episode to see what happened next -then my husband (yes, my husband) watched one episode with me and then he had to see what happened before we knew it we were both yelling at the tv "No! You stupid girl -don't kiss him!" or "He's such an E-D-iot!...Why'd he listen to him?!" and stuffing our faces with kettle popcorn up until we finished the last season. It was intense. (By the way -we're Team Damon allll the way!)

Really though, I was just glad to be together, kick up our feet, and stay up as late as we wanted with out having any responsibilities the next day. Next weekend [if there is one] will be far more productive...and actually make it out of the house.

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