Monday, November 7, 2011

{ Newlyweds }

If your looking for some inspiration in your marriage (or relationship) or your interested in once again, READ THIS BOOK:

 This book changed my marriage F O R E V E R ! If you read it and apply it to your own marriage it works miracles, plus it's waaaay cheaper than marriage counseling! ...not that we ever needed marriage counseling -I'm just saying (because some people might).

Basically, there's 5 different "love languages". Everyone speaks/understands their own love language which is one of the 5 or they can be bilingual (they speak/understand two love languages). The trick is to recognize and understand what your spouses is -that way you know how to fill up their 'love tank'...and likewise, your spouse learns your love language so they can fill your 'love tank' up. Eh...ok, I'm probably killing this trying to explain it in my own words. Just read the book. It's short and will take less than a day to read.

Caution: Those who read will experience Newlywed symptoms, once again. ;D

Want to know what your love language is??
Take this quiz.

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