Thursday, November 3, 2011

{ Halloween Weekend }

At the pumpkin patch. This is the best pic I could get...he's ALWAYS on the go!

Still don't know what it is with him and goats?

Getting his hair eaten...and of coarse I'm just standing there taking pictures and laughing...
(these goats were pretty aggressive. one almost knocked me over-I was not laughing then.)

He played on this for 30 minutes...when we only paid for 5. suckers!

The sign in front of this said "KIDS ONLY" but when the workers weren't looking I snuck on a couple times with baby :)

IN-N-OUT after the pumpkin patch. If you've never tried fries with a don't know what your missing out on.

His enormous wing span made the whole costume ;)

Trunk-or-Treat with Buzz Lightyear! 

Fonua babies. Getting them to both look at the camera was impossible...we tried. haha

Camped out in front of our apartment carving our pumpkin. Safi boy could care less about the pumpkins -he just wanted to play with the cool knives.

The end result. Not as creative as I would have liked but I was too tired and busy to figure something else out. eh.

Yummy bread bowl soup with sweet potato fries for dinner at my momma's right before going trick-or-treating.

He's ready to get that candy! (I think his daddy and I were more excited than him to get a pillow case full of chocolate)

Highlights of this "first-time" trick-or-treater:
-seeing how excited he was to be "Buzz". he kept on pushing his buttons on his costume and thinking he could shoot his 'laser'
-he got so excited to run up and knock on all the doors (if you know my son than you know how loud his knocks are with those hands)
-when people opened their doors to give him candy he tried to walk inside-he was a little confused and didn't understand why you have to stay on the doorstep
-before someone would give him candy they'd say "what do you say?" (waiting for him to say "trick or treat") Then I'd say "trick or treat" for him. They'd ask him again -and I had to explain that he doesn't talk yet. (people are always thinking he's older than what he really is)
-watching him walk up to a scary house (with scary music, decor, and people w/masks) and not even flinch when he walked up to get his candy

Can't wait until next year!

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