Sunday, November 20, 2011

{ Island getaway...on a weekday }

Last week my sis, Lia, and I took a girls-day-out with our babies to Catalina Island. I'm sure non-Californians assume people who live here 'are so lucky and do everything and go everywhere that California has to offer because we live here'...but we don't. I've lived in California my entire life (by the beach) and had never actually stepped foot on the island. The closest I came was going snorkeling right off the coast. So my curiosity was finally satisfied. The island was beautiful, the water was crystal-clear, everyone drives golf carts, and it's the perfect getaway without even going that far.

After my son got sea sick and blew chunks all over me...I took him up to the top deck for some fresh air. Let's just say I was glad he didn't eat any breakfast that morning.

My beautiful sis and I arriving in Catalina....and having no clue what we were going to do next. Next time I go I'm definitely renting a golf cart to explore a little further than where my legs took me.

This was the first thing you see getting off the boat -crystal clear water and huge, bright orange fish!

These guys kept my little man occupied the entire day.

Quick pic on our walk around the harbor.

Look at this buff guy!

Feeding the fish....and my son just learned how to make the "f" sound so the entire day he was saying "feeshy..feeshy!" It was cute.

On our way home. It was an adventurous (and quite liberating) day going out to sea and exploring somewhere we've never been. My son And I got the best seat on the boat -Top deck, on a cushioned bench, in the back by ourselves. He fell asleep in my arms giving me time to think to myself and enjoy the ocean breeze. A few thoughts I had:

-I'm thinking (more seriously now) about getting scuba certified. Once I have a little more time on my hands that just might be my next hobby.
-once it gets warmer I'm going to try paddle boarding
-taking this trip to Catalina reminded me how much I LOVE TO TRAVEL. Just because I have "big girl" responsibilities now doesn't mean I can't take take mini-getaways like this every once in a while.
-grateful for the beautiful place I live -there's so much to do and so many opportunities
-I am blessed.

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