Tuesday, October 4, 2011

{ Sea World }

Last week my husband took his vacation week. The highlight of our week: taking our son to Sea World. Here's a few pics from our day...

Safi boy LOVED the whales. He was screaming and clapping the entire show. He even loved getting wet in the "soak zone"...good thing 'cause he was the perfect pancho from keeping me wet. ( after daddy got splashed once...he waited for us at the top where it was dry)

 Going through the Shark, where are the sharks? (I guess they didn't show up in the pic)

Safi boy didn't want to leave the sea lions. We got some fish to feed to them and once they started barking and jumping against the glass he got scared and decided he had enough.(yes baby, they're a little bit bigger than Moko)

Sea turtles! Baby said, "shhhhhhh.." when he saw them sleeping in the sun. (they were pretty boring)

 Baby didn't really get the concept of the tide pools...he just wanted to pick the starfish up and throw them.

 My twins.

My family <3

After Sea World we hit up the outlets right before the border, instead of staying at a hotel for the weekend. I got some cute Jordons for baby and 3 shirts, 1 jacket, a dress, and 2 bracelets for $30. Talk about steal of a deal! I was in heaven seeing all these crazy discounts! (only my husband knows how cheap I am) We're definitely making another trip back there.

 Yes, it was literally right next to the border. There's the border on the left and the outlet on the right.

....aaaaaand we almost ended up in Mexico on our way home. (Saf almost took the 5 south) That would have been ALL BAD! -they might have stolen my husband's gold tooth! haha

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