Sunday, October 2, 2011

{ family & Sundays }

Not only was it General Conference weekend but I also got to spend some QT with my girls. Last night we had a girls-night-out to La Creperie in Long Beach. It's been years since we've all been together like this. (the only ones missing where Ashton and Stasi) It's crazy how we all have our own lives now and we're spread across the world. Literally. From Hong Kong to New Zealand to the States...Wihongi's are taking over the world!!! haha I loved catching up with my sisters. Even though we don't see or talk to one another on a regular basis, when we finally do get together -it's like no time ever passed.

Today after conference we all got together at Aunty Olga's house for an eat. There's nothing better than Sundays, food, and family. It wouldn't be a true family-get-together with out Grampa saying a few words (aka entire speech). Tonight he shared the story of how he and Grama took their five children on a ship from New Zealand and traveled across the Pacific Ocean to America seeking a better life for their family. (OK, any fam reading this -I know you already have this story memorized like the back of your hand so I won't go any further) But he shared a thought that I thought was worth recording. As Grampa spoke he directed what he was about to say to all his grand-daughter's husbands. He said right before they left to board the ship to leave for America his father (my great grandfather, Hono Wihongi) told him, "I'm sorry son but I have no money to give you. I do however have three words of advice...WORK, WORK, WORK." Grampa then counseled all the husbands to work hard for their families. He then added his second bit of advice, "Trust in the Lord." My grandparents came here (to America) with little to nothing and through hard, hard work and trusting the Lord, they built their family and a better future. Even though my husband was not present (due to work), I am grateful to have married a man who works so hard for his family to provide for us and who trusts in the Lord. I know our future will be blessed because of him.

Today -I am grateful to have done nothing but enjoy the presence of those I love most.

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